Thunder Bay Public Library Opens Indigenous Knowledge Centres

The Thunder Bay Public Library (TBPL) launched its new Indigenous Knowledge Centres on October 30, 2018.

From TBPL, "Indigenous Knowledge Centres":.

  • "Each Indigenous Knowledge Centre is a visual representation of our commitment to providing records and information which reflects Indigenous history, achievements and authors."
  • "Learners of all ages will find information on key subject areas and themes identified by our Indigenous community as being relevant for retaining and sharing."
  • "It will be much easier for staff and the public to find these materials in one space, rather than having to navigate the subject classifications in our catalogue or to browse through the many different sections where the material would otherwise be located."

1. Content

Located in each of the four branches of the TBPL, each centre gathers all the library's Indigenous materials into one area:

  • Books for all ages
  • Films 
  • CDs with Indigenous music
  • Language learning materials
  • Works of fiction by Indigenous, Métis , and Inuit authors

2. More Information 

  • Visit the Indigenous Knowledge Centre in one of the four branches.
  • Contact the TBPL's Indigenous liaison, Robyn Medicine, at medicine, 807-684-6813.
  • Contact one of the other helpful TBPL staff.
  • Explore on of the TBPL's Indigenous Resources pages (see below).

a. Branch Addresses

  • Brodie Resource Library, 216 S. Brodie St., P7E 1C2, 807-345-TBPL (8275)
  • County Park Branch, County Fair Plaza, P7B 1K6, 807-345-TBPL (8275)
  • Mary J. L. Black Branch, 901 S. Edward St., P7E 6R2, 807-345-TBPL (8275)
  • Waverly Resource Library, 285 Red River Road, P7B 1A9, 807-345-TBPL (8275)

b. TBPL Indigenous Resources Pages & Links