Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education MOOC

"Reconciliation Through indigenous Education" (website) is a free, online, open-access course being offered again in January 2018 through UBC and edX. 

  • "This course will help you envision how Indigenous histories, perspectives, worldviews, and approaches to learning can be made part of the work we do in classrooms, organizations, communities, and our everyday experiences in ways that are thoughtful and respectful."
  • "In this course, reconciliation emphasizes changing institutional structures, practices, and policies, as well as personal and professional ideologies to create environments that are committed to strengthening our relationships with Indigenous peoples."
  • "Engage with Indigenous knowledge keepers, educational leaders, and resources to enhance your understanding and knowledge of practices that advance reconciliation in the places where you live, learn, and work.

A. Introductory Video: "Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education, UBC on edX"  (2.12 m)

B. More Information

See the website for an introdcutirmore information on the following:

  • "What Is a UBC MOOC?"
  • "Course Description"
  • "What Are the Learning Objectives?"
  • "What Is the Cost? (Spoiler: Free to audit; $50 for a Verified Certificate)
  • "What Is the Time Committment?"
  • "MOOCs Are New to Me"
  • "Can I Do a Demo Before the Course Begins?"
  • "How Do I Register?"
  • "How Do I Start the Course?"
  • "When Does Registration Close?"
  • "Subscribe to the MOOC Mailing List"
  • "Other FAQs"