Residential School Information - Thunder Bay and Orillia areas

To help build upon understandings of Residential Schools in Canada and its impact on those who attended, their families, and communities, the following links are provided regarding residential schools in Thunder Bay and near Orillia. These links contain information about the residential schools in and around Thunder Bay and Orillia, as well as historical documents and photographs. 

Thunder Bay

  • St. Joseph's Indian Residential School. Located in Thunder Bay [Fort William] on the corner of Arthur Street and Franklin Street (pictured above). Archives from Algoma University provide another source of information. Produced from the Shingwauk Project, this document provides an overview of residential school history, information about the structure and daily organization of residential school, along with specific information about St. Josephs.  

Orillia (in the area of/near):  


Educator Resources: 

The following resources are provided from Anishinabek (Union of Ontario Indians),

Day Scholars: 

  • Those who attended a residential school during the day, but returned home in the evening are called Day Scholars. These students were not eligible for the 2006 Common Experience Payment as a part of the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement, but they could apply for the Individual Assessment Process for abuses endured while attending residential school during the day. Compensation from the Common Experience Payment for these students is being pursued. Visit "Justice for Day Scholars" for additional and updated information.