First Nations Pedagogy Online

"First Nations Pedagogy Online" (web site, "About This Site") "is the culmination of a project initiated ... to create an online resource that builds on research, consultation, and community-based activities."

  • "This site provides best practices and support for online learning initiatives that are intended for Indigenous students, Elders, educators, curriculum developers, and educational leaders."
  • "The question of what this means in terms of course design, instructional strategies, and building supportive learning communities, remains a challenge to many instructors."
  • "The First Nations Pedagogy for Online Learning project has been undertaken to address this gap."

1. "Community" - "Giving Voice"

  • "Once you are a member, you can both access and add to the collection of materials, forum discussions, polls, and other resources housed within the Community area."

2. "Best Practices" - "Visioning"

  • "Distinct practices used for millennia to teach both 'theory' and hands-on practical knowledge were repressed and banned during Colonization, yet the methods have endured and are both unique and extremely valuable in the 21st century for all students, aboriginal and non-aboriginal."
  • "Educational program content that is designed using Aboriginal Pedagogy methods is not only valuable for aboriginal students, but would be very powerful to teach ALL students in this way."

3. "Learning" - "Co-creating"

  • "This space offers open accessible learning materials and tools that you are free to use in your own classrooms."

4. "Circle" - "Communing"

  • "Circle Talk Blog: News, Announcements, Ideas"

5. "Participate"

6. "Resources" (though the links to some of the resources are no longer active, many of the resources themselves can be found online through a title search)