Decolonizing Teaching Indigenizing Learning Resources

"Decolonizing Teaching Indigenizing Learning" (website) from UBC provides the following:

1. Curriculum Bundles 

  • "[N]ot lesson plans, but ... rather ... rich collections of knowledge and resources that will help users develop lessons and units that meet the needs of their students and honour the land that they teach on" 
  • "The website has been developed to support teacher candidates, in-service teachers, and our faculty colleagues as they move towards implementing Indigenous education and pedagogies into their curricula."
  • "We encourage you to explore the topics that interest you, and develop learning opportunities for your students that build on their lived experiences and local environments and resources."

2. Curated Resources -- "a variety of links to support your work with the Curriculum Bundles

  • Curriculum Resources covers a variety of provincial and regional content to support you and your students’ learning
  • News Resources offers a few key sites to visit frequently and keep ups to date on emerging Indigenous stories
  • Residential School Resources offers several key sites that support learning about Indian Residential Schools and the process of Reconciliation
  • Museum Resources offers a variety of virtual field trip opportunities and more ways to learn about Indigenous arts and culture