"Why 'Indigenizing' Curriculum and 'Pedagogy' Is Vital for Our Survival"

"Why 'Indigenizing' Curriculum and 'Pedagogy Is Vital for Our Survival: An Interactive Engagement with Four Arrows - Four Arrows (Wahikpe Topa), aka Don Trent Jacobs" (video, 1.12.59 m), a seminar from the Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy, University of British Columbia (September 4, 2018).

1. Abstract: "This presentation will clarify the various meanings, goals, concerns and potential outcomes relating to schoolwide efforts to 'teach' the relevance of Indigenous worldview, knowledge and perspectives."

  • "This includes giving support to sovereignty while exposing settler hegemony."
  • "Ideas on foundational ways to transform learning accordingly are also introduced."

2. The Speaker Bio: Four Arrows (Wahinke Topa), aka Don Trent Jacobs 

"Four Arrows (Wahinkpe Topa), aka Don Trent Jacobs, Ed.D., formerly Dean of Education at Oglala Lakota College, is currently a professor in the School of Leadership Studies at Fielding Graduate University." 

"Selected by AERO as one of 27 visionaries in education, he is the author of 21 books including 

  • Point of Departure: Returning to Our Authentic Worldview for Education and Survival (IAP, 2016);
  • "Teaching Truly: A Curriculum to Indigenize Mainstream Education (Peter Lang, 2014); and
  • The Authentic Dissertation (Routledge, 2008)."

"Four Arrow is also the subject of a book about his life and activism entitled, Fearless Engagement by R. Michael Fisher (Peter Lang, 2018)."