Audacity Movement

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The “Audacity Movement” (AM) was initiated by two social work placement students in 2014 to inspire students, faculty and staff to be kind to one another.  It began as a project focusing on the issues of bullying and has become an inspiring new movement that the entire Lakehead Orillia community has embraced. 

The Audacity Movement features tokens that are used to reward acts of kindness.   The tokens can be redeemed for coffee or tea in the cafeteria and then recycled so that they are continuously shared throughout the Lakehead community.  

Goals of the Campaign

Our goal is to raise awareness among staff, students and faculty about how respect and kindness is the responsibility of each individual.  Random acts of kindness can be as simple as opening a door for the person behind you, sitting with someone new, or starting a conversation while standing in line.  It is meant to promote a sense of community and belonging, thus helping to stop bullying.

Show you care about others and continue the “Audacity Movement.”. Let’s send a positive message to everyone around us.

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For further information, or to raise concern about respect on campus, please contact us at

 Audacity Movement Token

How will you show your “Audacity”!?