Mental Health Resources

Mental health and addiction are challenges faced by millions of Canadians. The first step to creating an inclusive community is reducing the stigma associated with mental health and addiction, through information and discussion. Student Accessibility Services strives to help students with mental health disabilities receive accommodations and succeed in post-secondary education. The resources below can assist students, faculty, staff and any of their supporters.

Lakehead University Created Resources

Mental Health Resources for Faculty and Staff - A list of resources created by Lakehead Student Health and Wellness for faculty and staff 
Counselling Services - A list of resources created by Student Health and Wellness with many different ways to access counselling and understanding what type of help may benefit you the most.
TalkCampus - A peer-to-peer texting service that allows students to either have other students listen to you, or listen to and support other students completely anonymously.

External Resources

Change Your Campus Video Series - Video interviews created by the Council of Ontario Universities about how to help students with mental health challenges.
Well-Being and the Online Environment - A document created by the Centre for Innovation in Campus Mental Health for both staff and students. 
Post-Secondary Student Helpline - a helpline by Good2Talk that can be provided to students in distress 
Mental Illness and Addiction Index - An index created by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health which has information on many types of mental illnesses, including the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment and further resources. 
Student Guide: Accommodating Students Handbook - A guide created by Queen's University and St. Lawrence College that details how to receive academic accommodation, managing your mental health on campus, and seeking professional health.
Educational Experiences of Youth with Disabilities - An infographic created by Statistics Canada depicting the experiences of youth with disabilities in educational settings.