Process for Exam Accommodation

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our office for clarification.

Test Accommodations (Thunder Bay Campus)

Test Accommodations (Orillia Campus)


Thunder Bay (Student Accessibility Services)

You must book your Exam Accommodations by the due date set by Student Accessibility Services. (typically November and March) This may be submitted online through the exam booking link. Late requests require filling out a paper form at SAS.
You may not require all of your accommodations depending upon the type of exam so it is suggested that you contact your professor in advance to determine the format of the exam.
If you are not using any accommodations for an exam, email SAS.
For online exams, email the professor (providing sufficient notification) indicating your accommodations for that exam. In most cases, online exams will be written at a location independent of Enrolment Services.

On the Day of the Exam:

Report to the check in location as determined by Student Accessibility Services at least 15 minutes prior to the start time of the exam. Have your Lakehead University Student ID ready for inspection upon entering the exam  room. In accordance with Lakehead University Policy (for exam security purposes) Students who have “back to back” exams will be provided instructions to follow to preserve exam security should their extra time accommodation create an overlap into the second exam.

Process for Cancelling and Rescheduling an Exam:

If, due to illness, you are unable to write an exam at the scheduled time you must: contact  Student Accessibility Services  as soon as possible (i.e. at least 24 hours’ notice if possible). When the absence is not related to your disability or supported by documentation currently held in SAS, you must have a Certificate of Illness or Incapacitation completed by a Medical Professional and submit the completed form to Enrolment Services no later than three (3) working days after the date of the original final examination. The Certificate of Illness or Incapacity must be dated as seen by the Medical Professional no later than one (1) working day after the examination.

Procedures to follow when the Accommodation of an Alternate Date/Time of a Exam is required:

For changes to a formal December or April exam date/time, Student Accessibility Services will facilitate the request.

Conduct in the Exam Room

-    Have your Lakehead University Student ID ready for inspection once you are admitted into the test/exam room.
-    Place unauthorized materials (including prohibited electronic devices, books, notes, jackets, coats, bags, etc.) in an area designated by the invigilator(s).

Before you start your Exam:

-    Ensure you have the correct test/exam and that all pages are included.
-    Confirm your allotted time for the test/exam.
-    If there are discrepancies with your required accommodations, advise the invigilator or email your instructor (in the case of online tests or exams) prior to starting.


-    If your accommodations include breaks, signal the invigilator when you need your break and the clock will be stopped.
-    Step away from the test/exam.
-    All breaks must be within sight of an invigilator.
-    Washroom breaks do not count as break time unless this is an approved accommodation.

Contacting the professor for clarification:

-    If you need clarification of a test or exam question, signal the invigilator so that the clock will be stopped.
-    The invigilator will escort you to a telephone or to the test/exam room for you to speak with the professor. It is advisable to contact the professor before the normal duration of the test/exam has expired (i.e. the time allowed for students writing in the classroom  without extra time accommodations).
-    For online tests or exams, consult with your instructor in advance of the test or exam date to determine the process to address this issue.