OSAP & BSWD Information

Ontario Student Assistance Program (osap)

Information on OSAP can be found on the Student Awards and Financial Aid website.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Bursary for Students with Disabilities (BSWD)

Why might you need the BSWD?

A student may have an academic need related to their disability with a need for services, equipment and/or devices.

How do you apply for the BSWD?

Book an appointment with Student Accessibility Services;

Thunder Bay:  

Nancy Cahill, Manager 
Email: sas@lakeheadu.ca to book an appointment. 


Alisia Johnston, Accessibility Advisor
Email oraccess@lakeheadu.ca to book an appointment

When should you apply for the BSWD?

Applications can be submitted the first day of class.

Does a student with a disability automatically qualify for the BSWD?

No one automatically qualifies for the bursary. In order to be eligible to receive the BSWD Student Accessibility Services requires documentation of a disability. The documentation must support disability needs which would result in eligible expenses for equipment, services and/or devices. In addition, the student must meet the financial need requirements. A student does not need to negotiate a student loan but must apply to prove eligibility.

Additional information

Grant information for students with permanent disabilities