Note Taking

Students may request note takers if they have the peer note taker accommodation.

  • You may request a notetaker for as many courses as you need.
  • Your information is confidential. Note takers will not know who is accessing their notes.
  • Note takers are encouraged to upload their notes as quickly as possible after the lecture.
  • If you would like to connect with your notetaker regarding notes, please contact the Note Taking Service at
  • If you are accessing the volunteer Note Taking Service, you as the student have agreed to the following:
    • Notes provided by the Volunteer Note Taking Service cannot be guaranteed for all courses.
    • Quality and accuracy of notes cannot be guaranteed.
    • Volunteer notes are intended to supplement your own notes, not replace them.
    • Volunteer notes are not intended to replace attendance to class.
  • If you are dissatisfied with the notes that your notetaker has provided please contact the Note Taking Service at
  • Notes are typically uploaded in the form of a Microsoft Word document (.doc) or as a PDF. For some classes (such as math or engineering), hand written notes are also accepted. These documents will be scanned and uploaded by the notetaker.
  • If you require notes in other formats (other than written) you should make an appointment with your SAS Advisor who may assist you in finding appropriate assistive technologies or other means of accessing notes.

When a Note Taker May Not be Required

  • Many instructors provide comprehensive notes to the class through Desire 2 Learn. If class notes are provided by your instructor, accessing the SAS volunteer note taking service may be unnecessary.
  • In courses where class is recorded and shared, notes may not be necessary.

If you cannot access the peer note taking accommodation, or a note taker has not yet been found, visit the Student Success Centre Website for general tips on note taking and other Academic Success Resources.