Accommodations are provided on an individual basis, supported by each student’s disability related functional limitations.

Accommodations are meant to remove barriers and level the playing field for students with temporary and/or permanent disabilities and/or medical conditions while meeting the essential requirements and maintaining the academic integrity of their course or program. Students with functional limitations that impair academic functioning due to mental health disabilities may request interim accommodations pending receipt of documentation.

With the provision of current documentation, a Confidential Academic Accommodation Form will be created in consultation with the student. The Form will outline suggested accommodations based on the functional limitations of the student.

Accommodations for lectures may include note takers, recording of lectures, and text in alternate format. Exam and test accommodations may include extra time, alternate setting, and the use of assistive devices.

A student’s path to arranging accommodations is through SAS.

Student Accessibility Services considers the privacy and confidentiality of students to be of paramount importance. 

Registering with Student Accessibility Services and receiving academic accommodations while at Lakehead University will not be reflected on a student’s official university records, test results, academic transcripts or graduation documentation.