Damages Policy

NOTE: The policy listed here is IN ADDITION TO ALL Lakehead University policies

Residence cannot accept claims from residents that the last person to leave shared accommodations (bathrooms, and/or townhouse/apartments) will ensure that all areas are in order. These responsibilities cannot and will not be assigned to one resident. All matters regarding cleanliness, room furnishings and overall condition of the living area must be in order before each resident leaves. It should be noted that the Department Residence will not accept claims from individuals that a particular resident is responsible unless the named student(s) accepts responsibility for the situation in a document outlining the damage/deficiency and bearing his/her signature.

Damages to individual rooms will be assessed to room occupant(s). Any damages done to townhouse/apartment common areas and individual rooms will be assessed at the end of each residence term or when a student changes Residences or leaves Residence.

Any accidental damage will be charged to the responsible individual(s). An example of this would be playing catch outside and accidentally breaking a window. If you cause accidental damage, report it immediately to the Residence Front Desk.

Residents are responsible for all actions of their guests, who may have caused damage.

If damage was deliberate, the person(s) or House or building may be disciplined in addition to paying damages. Damage charges will be assessed at the current rate of repair or replacement. Please be advised that individual and House damages are dealt with throughout the academic year. Damages that cannot be assigned to an individual, House or building will be divided equally among all Residents who had access to said locations. These All Residence Charges are tallied throughout the academic year and are applied to student accounts at the end of the Residence Contract.

Only University personnel or contractors will be used to repair all damage.

Residents can help curb vandalism by reporting what they know about acts of vandalism to their Resident Assistant. Remember, individuals who damage Residence property are spending your money. A "Campus Watch" program is in place at Lakehead University. Please participate in this program.