Meal Plans

Residence Halls Meal Plan

All students living in the Bartley and Halliday Hall residences will be required to participate in a comprehensive, mandatory meal plan.

Meal Plan
  • All day dining in the Residence Dining Hall + $800.00 declining balance
  • Students are allowed unlimited entry into the Residence Dining Hall during regular hours of operation
  • Declining balance dollars can be used anywhere on campus where food service is operated by Aramark.
All-Day Dining
Lakehead University Residence offers students living in the Residence Halls "All Day Dining", a more flexible dining experience at the University.  This plan provides students more value for their dollar and allows them to eat as much or as little as they want in the Residence Dining Hall.
Declining Balance
Declining balance works similar to money on a debit card, and is stored with a student's meal plan information on their Lakehead University Student ID Card.  Every time a purchase is made using Declining Balance, the total cost is subtracted from the dollar balance on the person's student card.
Please note, there are no refunds on unused meals and/or declining balance amounts nor do they carry over to the next academic year.

 Click here to view a sample menu for the Residence Dining Hall.

Apartment and Townhouse Meal Options

As each unit in these accommodations has a full kitchen, meal plans are not mandatory. However, the Food Services Office offers several attractive meal plan options to those students not wishing to prepare all of their own meals.

Apartment and Townhouse Students - 2017-18 Fall/Winter - Meal Plan Form 

Voluntary meal plan charges may be applied to a Lakehead Student Account.  For these voluntary plans, unused amounts may be eligible for a refund. 

For more information please contact the Aramark Office.

The Student Kitchenette

Do you love homemade cookies? Miss the taste of oven roasted chicken? Are you staying through Thanksgiving and want to share a home cooked meal with your house? Residence has a small kitchenette that allows you to cook small meals and treats.

The Kitchenette is located in Bartley Residence and can be booked for use through the Residence Front Desk.