Residence Life

Did you know?

  • The Residence Life Team consists of 2 Residence Area Coordinators, 20 House Presidents, 20 Resident Assistants, 1 Sports Coordinator, 1 Media Coordinator. Get involved! Competition for positions start early winter semester!
  • Residence students are actively involved in numerous different charitable causes on campus and within the city. Talk to your House President or Resident Assistant for more information.
  • During the academic year Residence students have the opportunity to participate in over 50 events!

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We are a diverse team of students just like you with different backgrounds and interests. Come meet our team, click here!

Residence Committees

Students are both welcome and encouraged to get involved in any of the following committees and groups. Get involved, have fun and meet people!




Students on the media committee will assist the Media Coordinator with footage at events, social media contests and other social media tasks.


The Sports Representatives are required to keep the house informed as to when Res Sports are taking place. The day of Res Sports, it's a great idea for them to go around your house door-to-door to wake people up and get them to the lounge to walk over together. Sports Representatives may be responsible for helping in the organization or refereeing of tournaments and/or minor sports throughout the year. The Sports Representative will attend weekly meetings with the sports committee to know what's going on around residence and relay this information to their house.


These members are social representatives that work closely with the House Presidents in charge of this committee to plan a variety of events from movie nights to holiday related activities and so on. The events run by this committee relies a great deal on the committee members. There is a lot of room for creativity and fun!


The position requires approximately one house per week of a student's time. This committee works on the environmental aspects of residence. They may organize recycling campaigns, outdoor clean up and any other initiatives the committee wants to take on. They will also be working with some Resident Assistants to help with Residence-wide programming.


This committee is responsible for the organization and execution of all charity events that occur in Residence. There are many successful events that have been run in the past, but the committee has a lot of freedom to choose new projects to help our community.

Student Development Committee

This committee plans and promotes AMPED, the Residence Life Student Conference for the school year. They are also encouraged to run other leadership opportunities for students throughout the year.