Residence Life

Did you know?

  • The Residence Life Team consists of 2 Residence Area Coordinators, 20 House Presidents, 20 Resident Assistants, 1 Sports Coordinator, 1 Media Coordinator. Get involved! Competition for positions start each January!
  • Residence students are actively involved in numerous different charitable causes on campus and within the city. Talk to your House President or Resident Assistant for more information.
  • During the academic year Residence students have the opportunity to participate in over 50 events!

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We are a diverse team of students just like you with different backgrounds and interests. Come meet our team, click here!

Residence Committees

Students are both welcome and encouraged to get involved in any of the following committees and groups. Get involved, have fun and meet people!



Academic Success Committee

Tired of studying alone?  Need some tips for that upcoming exam?  The Academic Success Committee meets weekly in order to provide a supportive and quiet space to study! Throughout the year the committee will run drop in study sessions weekly with snacks provided. The committee will provide various programs (e.g., studying tips sessions, essay review, developing resumes, etc.) and collaborate with on or off campus partners to accompany study nights.  

Events Committee

Are you the one who always organizes fun events for your friends and Residence House?  The Events Committee would love to have you!  In this committee we host fun social events in Residence.  Some ideas include karaoke nights, holiday themed events and blacklight parties.  Committee members will work collaboratively to run meetings with student representatives and host Residence wide events.

Sports Committee

If you enjoy playing sports and organizing friendly competition, this is the committee for you! The Sports Committee assists the sports coordinator in organizing intramural sports events (Res Sports!!!), as well as, tournaments and drop in sport/game nights throughout the year. 

Media Committee

Love taking photos?  Excited about the ways social media can build a sense of community?  As a member of the Media Committee you will play an important role in promoting Residence events by helping to manage social media pages (Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram) and providing photo and video coverage of the great things we do in Residence!

Planeteers Committee

The Planeteers Committee is all about saving the planet and promoting environmentally friendly actions within residence.  We do this through organizing events such as bottle drives, roadside clean-ups, and bring-your-own-mug hot chocolate nights.  The sky is the limit!  If you want to help make students more aware about environmental issues then this is the committee for you!  Committee members will work collaboratively to run meetings with student representatives and host Residence wide events.

Equity Committee

This committee is for students who are passionate about social outreach, diversity, social justice and student equity.  As a member of the Equity Committee, students will facilitate Residence wide events surrounding equity and learning experiences.  Members will facilitate student meetings to collectively create, plan and execute events.

The Student Development Committee

Ever wanted to plan a student focused conference? Then the student development committee is for you! This committee works on developing, planning, and promoting AMPED (Action minded people empowered to dream). This is a student oriented conference with guest speakers that takes place within Residence.