Getting Ready For Residence

Now that you have accepted your offer of Admission to Lakehead University and have finished your Application to Residence you are almost ready to get the year started with moving in! Don't leave things until last minute, take some time to prepare and you will have a successful year. 

Packing For The Big Day

For some people packing is stressful. We want this to be an enjoyable experience and something you will remember. We have gone ahead and made a list of things to pack and what you can leave at home. You can find all that information here!

Before You Arrive

Moving into Residence is a time to remember. We want you to move in with the least amount of hassle, we have created a list of things to do before you come to Thunder Bay to make move in day easier on you. Click Here to find out what we suggest you do before you get to Thunder Bay.

When You Get Here

Arriving in Thunder Bay means we are almost there! Need directions and to figure out what Residence Check in will look like for you and your family, Click Here to get all the information you need!