Getting Ready For Residence

Now that you have accepted your offer of Admission to Lakehead University and have finished your Application to Residence you are almost ready to get the year started with moving in! Don't leave things until last minute, take some time to prepare and you will have a successful year. 

Packing for the Big Day 

For some people packing is stressful. We want this to be an enjoyable experience and something you will remember. We have gone ahead and made a list of things to pack and what you can leave at home.

What TO Bring

Before packing for your adventure to University, take a good look around the house to ponder what things you'll need during your stay in Residence. Your Residence room will be your home away from home so you will want to surround yourself with things that make you feel comfy and cozy. Don’t forget to check out what your house’s spirit colours are to ensure you pack ready for orientation and house activities! A list of those can be found here! Here are some suggestions of what to pack: A Printable Check List Can be Found Here

  • Bed Linens* (the bed in your room is twin size - 36" x 78" x 6"/91cm x 198cm x 15cm) 
  • Blanket* (your favourite one for warmth and comfort)
  • Pillows* (nothing substitutes your favourite from home)
    *Bedding can be requested from the Front Desk if required
  • Bathrobe (covers more than a towel)
  • Bathroom Caddy (for those treks to the shower)
  • Flip Flops and/or Slippers (keep your feet lint-free while walking to/from the shower)
  • Hair Dryer (weren't you ever told not to go outside with wet hair?)
  • Towels (waiting to air dry can make you late for class)
  • Laundry Bag/Basket (to avoid the pile-in-the-corner method)
  • Laundry Money (all of our machines are card operated - add money to your card at machines located at the Bartley main entrance and Deer Lake Ridge laundry room or online)
  • Laundry Soap/Fabric Softener (clean is good)
  • Boots (warm, winter and waterproof is best)
  • Formal Attire (there will be two Formal Dinner Events - one each in Fall Term and Winter Term)
  • Hangers (helps cut down on ironing)
  • Sewing Kit (a loose button is nobody's friend)
  • Warm Winter Clothes (mitts, toques and long johns - it does get cold some days)
  • Computer (all of our rooms have Wi-Fi)
  • Headphones (your housemates may not like your type of music)
  • Mug/Glass/Plate/Eating Utensils (for between meal snacks)
  • Surge Protector/Power Bar (our rooms have limited outlets)
  • Universal power adapter (International students)
  • Gaming System
  • Binders (helps to keep your class notes organized)
  • Calculator (who uses the pen and paper method anymore?)
  • Paper (good for taking notes in class)
  • Pens/Pencils (you can't bring your computer everywhere)
  • Scissors (somebody is always needing scissors)
  • Stapler (professors don't like paper clips)
  • Camera (to take pictures of all those priceless moments)
  • Games (there's always someone wanting to play Monopoly)
  • Health Card and Health Insurance Information
  • Pictures (while it's good to meet new friends, it's also good not to forget old ones)
  • Sports Equipment (skates, skis, frisbee discs, ball glove, racquets, bike, etc.)
  • University Documents (keep all receipts and forms handy)
  • House Colours (Each house has a colour and a mascot, click here to find yours out!)

  • There are several store in Thunder Bay where items can be purchased if you forget to bring them or are unable to bring them with you.

Additional Items to Bring for Apartment and Townhouse Students 

  • Cutlery
  • Dishes
  • Pots and Pans
  • Small Appliances

Additional Items for Townhouse Student Only 

  • Air Conditioner (small portable unit with wheels and vented with duct hoses through a window and plugs into a wall receptacle 110v.) All units will need to be inspected by our Maintenance Staff to make sure that the unit is vented properly and that the security of the building is not compromised. Units may be used       between May 1st and October 31st.  All temporary venting must be removed November to April.
  • BBQ
  • Note to All Students: Ensure that all electrical cords and equipment are CSA (Canadian Standards Association) approved. Frayed cords or defective  appliances and equipment are not permitted in Residence.
What NOT to Bring
  • Air Conditioners (Residence Halls and Apartment Students) - These are rarely needed in Thunder Bay.  Apartments are already air conditioned.
  • Candles -Candles are not allowed in residence. This is for your protection. Fires can and do happen, even while taking the most care.
  • Ceiling Fans/ Dish Washers - Residence does not allow such modification to any residence facility.
  • Furniture - As all rooms are fully furnished, additional furniture is not permitted.
  • Heaters - For safety reasons, space heaters are not allowed in any residence.
  • Halogen Lamps - Due to the intense heat emitted, it is not worth the risk.
  • Hot Tubs - For the well being of all Residence students, hot tubs are not permitted to be used on Residence property.
  • Illegal Drugs - Lakehead University Residence has a zero-tolerance on possession and use of illegal drugs in Residence.
  • Microwave Ovens - Students in the Residence Halls have access to a microwave in their House common room. All townhouses and apartments already have microwave ovens.
  • Nails/Tacks/Duct Tape - If it can't be hung up with white sticky tack then leave it at home.
  • All Pets Except Fish - We do realize that it can be lonely, but you should be prepared to leave Rover at home, unless Rover is a fish. Snakes, amphibians and reptiles are not permitted. All fish must fit into an appropriate container that is thirty (30) litres in volume or less.  Special consideration will be made for students requiring service or assistance animals.
  • Satellite Dishes - Cable access is already provided for you.
  • Small Appliances - Small cooking appliances are only permitted in Apartment and Townhouse kitchens.
  • Washing/Drying Machines - These are already provided for each residence house.
  • Weapons - Firearms and any other weapon(s) or item(s) that are created/intended to cause harm, or could be seen as intimidating, are strictly prohibited.

Before You Arrive

Moving into Residence is a time to remember. We want you to move in with the least amount of hassle, we have created a list of things to do before you come to Thunder Bay to make move in day easier on you. This section lists what we suggest you do before you get to Thunder Bay.

Students with Vehicles 
Lakehead University Student Photo ID Cards

Student ID Cards

  • All Residence students are required to have a Lakehead University Student ID card. For students in the Residence Halls, the Student ID card is also your meal card. All students are required to show their Student ID card when picking up parcels, other deliveries, signing out items from the Residence Front Desk and for Security reasons.
  • Student ID cards can only be ordered online at
  • When ordering your Student ID Card, ensure to select "Bartley Residence" as your pick-up location.  You will receive your student ID card when you pick up your Residence room keys if you order your Student ID Card by August 21, 2022.
  • Student cards ordered after the August 21st deadline will need to get picked up at the Chancellor Patterson Library.  Residence Halls students will need to get their meal plans activated with Aramark Food Services.
  • Please order your Student ID Card by August 21, 2022.

Click here for more information on Student ID Cards.

Your New Residence Mailing Address

When having letters and parcels sent to Lakehead University, you do not have to include your student number, your phone number, your Residence House or room number. To ensure delivery and avoid delay, your mail should be addressed in the following manner:

Your Name
c/o Lakehead University Residence 
955 Oliver Road
Thunder Bay, ON, P7B 5E1

Your mail (letters/parcels) will be  delivered to Bartley Front and you will be notified via email. 

* If you are living in Bearskin Lake you will have a mailbox number, you will receive this number via your Lakehead University email. Letter mail will be delivered to your mailbox located in the Bearskin laundry room. Parcels will be delivered to Bartley Front and you will be notified via email.  

Your Name
c/o Lakehead University Residence (Mailbox #)
955 Oliver Road
Thunder Bay, ON, P7B 5E1
I Need to Move In Before September 1st (Move-In Day)

All students who need to move in before the start of the Residence Contract, September 1st, must complete an Early Arrival Request Form.  Deadline to submit Early Arrival Requests is August 15, 2022.  

  • Login to myInfo
  • In the student tab, click on Residence Services in the On-Campus Residence box
  • Click on Early Arrival Request Form

    We are unable to guarantee that your Residence room will be ready for your arrival if your early arrival request is made after August 15, 2022.

When You Get Here

Arriving in Thunder Bay means we are almost there! Need directions and to figure out what Residence Check in will look like for you and your family, this section has all the information you need!

When Can I Move In? 

Time to Move Into Residence!



Residence Check-In begins at 9:00 am on Thursday, September 1st, 2022.

Early arrivals will only be permitted with the authorization of the Residence Administration Office. ALL approved early arrivals will be assessed applicable room and/or board charges. 


  • Thursday, September 1 - 9:00am to 1:00am
  • Friday, September 2 - 8:00am to 11:00pm
  • Saturday, September 3 - 10:00am to 6:00pm
  • Sunday, September 4 - 10:00am to 11:00pm
  • Monday, September 5 - 8am to 11:00pm

Regular Residence Front Desk Hours begin Tuesday, September 6th

  • Monday to Friday - 8:00am to 11:00pm
  • Saturday and Sunday - 10:00am to 11:00pm
  • CLOSED - Statutory Holidays

Where does Check-In Take Place? 

How do I Find Lakehead University & Bartley Residence?

All students check-in at Bartley Residence.

If you are driving...

Follow Hwy 17 coming from both the east and west. This will turn into Hwy 11/17 close to Thunder Bay

  1. Turn left onto Oliver Road if coming from the east or turn right onto Oliver Road if coming from the west
  2. Follow Oliver Road to Campus Entrance (Lakehead University Drive North)
  3. Turn right into Lakehead University
  4. Follow the signs leading you to Bartley Residence
  5. Please park your car in Lot 16
  6. Go into Bartley Residence

If you are flying...

If you are flying to Thunder Bay, it is best to take a taxi to the University. Ask the taxi driver to take you to Bartley Residence.

How do I Check In? 

First things first...

  • Masks are required.
  • Once at Bartley Residence you will be able to pick up your keys. You will need to show photo identification.
  • Please show proof of your COVID-19 vaccination.  If you have an approved exemption, the Front Desk staff will have been notified of this.
  • You will be given your student ID card (must order online by December 20th) and laundry card.
  • After receiving your keys you will be given directions to your residence room.
  • You are free to move in! Please follow staff instructions for unloading your vehicle.

Meal Plan Activation For Bartley Residence Students

  • If you order your student card online by the December 20th deadline, your meal plan will be activated on your Student ID Card when you receive it at Check In.  You will need to bring your Student ID Card to the Residence Cafeteria each time for meals.

    Note:  Students who order their Student ID Card after December 20th will need to go to the Aramark Office on Move In Day to activate their meal plan.

Students with Vehicles

Students with bicycles

  • At check-in please have your bicycle make/model, colour and serial number available. You will be given a key to your bicycle storage building.

Guests During Check-In

Please note that guests are not permitted in Residence during the pandemic.  However, two people may enter the Residence to help new incoming students move into their rooms (allowed only on day that students is moving in).  

Apartment and Townhouse Residents

Please note that each student is assigned to a specific bedroom. You must check into this bedroom. You cannot change bedrooms with your apartment or townhouse roommates. This is considered an unauthorized room change and a Residence "no-no".
When You Get to Your Room

Inventory Form

  • All students are required to fill in a room inventory form when they check in. The purpose of this form is to ensure that the student is not held responsible for any defects present in the room prior to occupancy. Your Resident Assistant can assist you in completing the room inventory form.
  • Please complete your inventory form within 48 hours of checking into Residence by clicking on the link:
    • Select the “Residence Services” link in the On-Campus Residence box;
    • Select the yellow paw print that corresponds with your residence; and
    • Record any deficiencies that apply.
  • Please note that any damage beyond normal wear and tear in the room will be charged to you after checking out.

You are all checked in!!! Relax and enjoy Orientation!!! We wish the best of luck with your classes!!!