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What are Ancillary Fees Collected For?

Ancillary fees are collected to provide necessary services, and supports to students, in various ways throughout the year. For the upcoming 2019-2020 Fall/Winter academic session, the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities' (MTCU) has launched a new ancillary fee classification framework. In this new initiative, students will have a choice regarding some of the campus services, supports, and organizations they wish to support.  

While some ancillary fees will continue to be mandatory (or essential) under the new MTCU directive, other fees have been classified as non-essential. Those considered non-essential have been itemized below, with descriptions on the purpose, and usage of the funding. In order to prepare for your decisions, we recommend that you read through the list of Opt-Out Eligible Ancillary Fees carefully.

Fill Out The Form - Choose My Ancillary Fees:

Once you feel prepared, please login to MyInfo, and under My Financial Profile , find Choose My Ancillary Fees . You will be presented with the option of opting-out of all, some, or none of the "non-essential" fees for supports, services, initiatives and organizations.

This form MUST be completed in order to proceed with course registration. The selections you make will apply for the upcoming full academic session (e.g Fall-Winter). There will be no further opt-outs (ancillary fee refunds), once your account is billed.

Opt-Out Eligible Ancillary Fees:

NOSM West - Northern Ontario School of Medicine (West Campus - Thunder Bay)

MLCFS - Cdn Fed of Students $17.12

 The Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) is a bilingual national union of over one-half million students from more than 64 university and college students' unions across Canada. CFS Provides the opportunity for students across the country and province to join together, and to collectively pool their resources to provide student-owned and operated services such as the ISIC (International Student Identity Card) and the Ethical Purchasing Network, which are designed to save students money.

Canadian Federation of Students

MLRAB - LUSU Aboriginal Programming $2.00

 This fee supports the Aboriginal Programing Committee which organizes and promotes culturally specific Aboriginal events and campaigns; including the annual LUNSA Powwow.

MLRAF - African Caribbean Student Association (AFCASA) $0.50

 This fee goes directly to the African Caribbean Student Association. Their purpose is to educate students about other cultures, and to promote diversity, love, and racial issues, around the world and in our school.

MLRNA - Nanabijou Fee $5.00

 This fee goes directly to the Nanabijou Childcare Centre, and also supports the LUSU Childcare Bursary available for the Nanabijou Centre, or any other daycare in town. This bursary is open to all Lakehead University Thunder Bay students.

LUSU Childcare Bursary

MLRSA - Social Action Fee $2.00

This fee supports Social Action Campaigns, and initiatives, that will benefit Lakehead University students, both as individuals, and as a community. Uses of the fee may include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Awareness Campaigns (e.g. issues impacting our community, province, or nation)
  • Emergency Bursaries for Students in Need
  • Emergency relief funds for natural disaster situations (e.g. Fort McMurray fires)
  • Regional Food Distribution Association support
  • Holiday meals for students
MLRSU - Sustainability Fee $5.50

 This fee supports the Sustainability Centre, and Sustainability Initiatives, such as the refillable bottle station. The Sustainability Initiative is an Action Centre that promotes social and environmental justice through education, advocacy, and community building on campus. They are active in policy work within the university to incorporate sustainability as a key operational and curriculum focus at Lakehead. The Centre resources are available to all Members and advocates for environmental and social sustainability within LUSU and the University.

Sustainability Initiative (find under LUSU Centres)

 MLRWU - World University Service of Canada (WUSC) Fee (Sponsor Refugee Students) $7.00

This fee supports the annually sponsored refugee students for cost of tuition, and residence, and ultimately helps to secure a good quality of life for themselves, and their families.

Our main focus is on the direct sponsorship of student refugees through the WUSC Student Refugee Program (SRP). This unique youth-to-youth sponsorship program allows refugee students without opportunities to further their education, to attend Lakehead University and permanently resettle in Canada.

WUSC Student Refugee Program (SRP)

 MLUS1 - LUSU Academic and Advocacy Support Fee $56.12

This fee goes directly to support your elected student officials. The Lakehead University Student Union (LUSU) represents all students studying at Lakehead University. We are over 8,000 strong, uniting undergraduate and graduate, full- and part-time, and domestic and international students across Lakehead's two campuses in Thunder Bay and Orillia. LUSU is headed by a student executive who is elected by all Lakehead University students every year in February. Serving full-time during the school year, your President, and Vice-Presidents, work hard to ensure your voice is heard by the university and government, and ensures that LUSU is able to provide you the services you need to make your journey through post-secondary education filled with amazing experiences.

LUSU isn't just services - we're advocates for the students. We provide peer support for students who are experiencing problems with professors or with navigating the University bureaucracy. We represent students on University bodies such as the Senate and the Board of Governors. We speak on behalf of students to government at the local, provincial, and national levels.

Lakehead University Student Union (LUSU)

 MLUSF - LUSU Activity Fee $77.23

Through LUSU, students access a wide variety of services, supports, job and volunteer opportunities, and social life, like clubs and events. LUSU's mandate is to ensure that all students can pursue academic excellence as well as personal and social growth at Lakehead, free from barriers related to income, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, family status, or ability.

Intent on encouraging safe spaces on campus to live, learn, and play, the LUSU Activity fee assists in supporting a variety of student clubs, events, and various peer support centres, including the LUSU Foodbank. LUSU's centres provide a supportive and engaging community for students from all kinds of backgrounds. Find like-minded folks who share your experiences and work together to make the world a better place by visiting us online.

Lakehead University Student Union (LUSU)

 MRADF - LU Radio (CILU 102.7 FM) Fee $10.00

 Lakehead University Independent Radio Station, CILU 102.7 FM, is a not-for-profit, campus based, community radio station. Their mandate is to provide listeners with high quality content that is not found on the airwaves in Thunder Bay. The focus is on local music, emerging Canadian artists, independent news programming and specialty music programs like jazz, classical, blues and world music. The goal of CILU is to provide training and work experience for volunteers and community accessible media for the city of Thunder Bay and student body of Lakehead University. When you support LU Radio, you are helping to keep independent music and media alive in Northwestern Ontario.

LU Radio CILU 102.7 FM

Will OSAP pay my Non-Essential Fees?

Should you be in receipt of government student funding (e.g. OSAP, Alberta Student Aid, etc.), and you have selected to pay some, or all of the non-essential fees via the Choose My Ancillary Fees form, you also consent that fees due be paid directly by government funding sources through automated enrolment confirmation processes. Please note that non-essential fees are not included in your government student funding assessment.

WAIT! I changed my mind! (Opt back IN)

Opted-out and changed your mind? Watch for news on the OPT-IN process - Coming Soon (approximately Summer 2019)

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