Choose My Ancillary Fees

What are Ancillary Fees Collected For? 

Ancillary fees are collected to provide necessary services, and supports to students, in various ways throughout the year.

Important Update: 

In January 2019, the Ontario Ministry of Colleges & Universities (MCU), announced the Student Choice Initiative (known at Lakehead as "Choose My Ancillary Fees"). This new fee classification framework allowed students to opt-out of paying for services deemed "non-essential".

Many student advocates felt that this unfairly targeted vulnerable student populations and challenged this initiative in court. On November 21, 2019, Ontario's Divisional Court ruled to quash this measure by the government of Ontario.

“Requiring that universities allow students to opt out of student association fees and other ‘non-essential’ services is inconsistent with the universities’ autonomous governance,” the decision read in part.

Until further information is received, Lakehead University has suspended the Student Choice Initiative/Choose My Ancillary Fees opt-out.   As a result, all student ancillary fees are compulsory, as they have been in all years previous, and must be paid along with tuition for 2020-2021.