Get Ready For Your New Adventure: Fall 2019!

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Your New Adventure Is Beginning!

Congratulations on making an exceptional decision to begin your post-secondary education at Lakehead University! We're very excited that you'll be joining us in the Fall and to make sure you’re ready for one of the biggest adventures of your life, we’ve compiled a list of important next steps that should help you prepare over the next few months. We're always ready to help, so should you have any questions or require further information about your next steps, we invite you to contact us. We look forward to speaking with you and guiding you through this new adventure.   

STEP 1:  Meet Your Offer Conditions

Congratulations!  We're excited to welcome you as a Thunderwolf! Make sure you follow these steps to meet your Offer of Admission conditions:

1)  Accept by the Deadline in Your Offer of Admission

Go to our Admissions site for step-by-step instructions on how to accept your offer.

2)  Meet Your Offer of Admissions Conditions

If you have conditions of admission, they must be successfully met as detailed in your Offer of Admission letter. 

3)  Pay Your Confirmation Deposit by the Deadline in Your Offer of Admission

Go to our Admissions site for step-by-step instructions on how to pay your confirmation deposit. (See step 4 on the checklist). 

CONTACT:  Need more details?  Contact Student Central:

P:  1-800-465-3959
P:  807-343-8500
STEP 2:  Come for a Campus Tour or Join Us for an Upcoming Recruitment Event

Join us for a Campus Tour:

Before you start your studies, why not come and visit us on campus and start seeing yourself as a Lakehead student?  Campus tours are offered Monday-Friday.  To book a tour, visit

Join us for an Upcoming Recruitment Event:

Spend some time getting to know your new home by joining us for an upcoming Recruitment event. Whether it's a visit to your school, an on-campus event like March Break Open House, or an Applicant Reception, be sure to connect with us. Check out all our upcoming recruitment events

CONTACT:  Need more details?  Contact Undergraduate Recruitment:
P:  1-800-465-3959
P:  807-343-8500
STEP 3:  Know Your Lakehead Tools

MyInfo is your Lakehead University student information portal.  MyInfo is the place where you can perform a variety of functions related to your enrolment both as an applicant as a student.  Through MyInfo you can apply for bursaries, apply for residence, register for classes, view your class schedule, check your tuition fees and account balance, track your degree & program progress and so much more.

MyEmail is your Lakehead University email account.  The username and password to access MyEmailis the same as your MyInfo account.  All communication from Lakehead University will be provided to you through your Lakehead email account.  You must check this often and use it to correspond with Lakehead University personnel.  Important information regarding registration, orientation, scholarships and bursaries, residence, upcoming events and more will be delivered to you using your Lakehead email account.

MySuccess is your student success portal and is operated by the Student Success Centre (SSC).  The username and password to access MySuccess are the same as your MyInfo and MyEmail accounts.  You can use this portal to book one-on-one appointments related to academic support and skills, writing support, career services, and co-operative education.  In MySuccess you will find information regarding the tutoring schedule and can access the Lakehead University Job Bank and volunteer opportunities, see upcoming SSC events, sign up for leadership programs and workshops, and update your Lakehead Co-Curricular Record.

MyCourseLink is Lakehead's online learning management system for your online courses and the online, web-based components for your on-campus courses.  The username and password to access MyCourseLink are the same as your MyInfo and MyEmail accounts.  MyCourseLink/D2L is supported by the Teaching Commons.  Through MyCourselink you can access online course materials (e.g., syllabus, course readings, audio, and video material, etc.), take online tests and quizzes, participate in discussion forums and other communication tools, submit and retrieve assignments, view grades, and much more!


STEP 4:  Apply for Residence

Moving away from home to attend Lakehead?  You are not alone.  Over half of Lakehead students are from cities and countries from all over the world!

Lakehead University not only offers you a quality education but also an exceptional place to live and learn while gaining a new sense of responsibility and independence.  Our on-campus residences provide you with a safe, convenient and supportive environment where you will build a strong personal and academic foundation for your future.

Living on campus gives you comfort and convenience as all our residences are less than a 5-minute walk to most classes. 

APPLY TO LIVE IN RESIDENCE:  Visit the Residence website for information on how to apply, how to pay your residence deposit, what to expect, what to bring, and more.  

SAVE THE DATE:  Residence move-in for most new students who are starting University in September is Thursday, August 28, 2019. 

CONTACT:  Need more details?  Contact Residence:


Thunder Bay - First Year Residence Students

P:  807-343-8097

Thunder Bay - Upper Year Residence Students

P:  807-343-8060

Orillia - All Residence Students

P:  705-330-4008 x 3030
STEP 5:  Plan Your Finances & Apply for Scholarships, Bursaries & Awards

Have questions about your University fees? 

We encourage you to visit this Tuition Fees page to find out about Student fees, payment deadlines, and payment methods.

Planning how to pay for university can be easy.  You just need to remember these three things:  Costs, Resources, Budget.

Resources & OSAP

Your resources are things like: student loans, parental contribution, scholarships, bursaries, savings from a summer job, RESP, and other financial contributions.  If you put all of your resources onto one page and add them up, that's the amount of money you have for the school year.  Student loan programs are usually run by your provincial government and offer loans (repayable after school), and grants (non-repayable).  These are a great and affordable way of helping to pay for school.  

Lakehead also offers some great opportunities for resources.  Our entrance scholarships for students with good marks coming directly from high school are some of the best in the country, and we try to help our students who demonstrate financial need with our bursaries.  With so many opportunities to find resources at Lakehead University why not visit us to explore some great options:

Be sure to visit Student Central for all your money related questions. Here’s a quick glance at some bursaries you may be eligible for:

Financial Resources Quick Glance:


Your costs are things like tuition, fees, residence, food, books & supplies, entertainment, a trip home, etc.,  If you put all of your costs onto one page and add them up, that's how much you can expect to pay for the school year.  A good way to start is by checking out the cost of your tuition and fees here:


A budget puts your resources and costs together.

You want to create a budget each year so you know how much you have to save or how much you have to spend!  If you put your resources down on paper and your costs down on paper, all you have to do is finish the math off.  If your budget is positive, stick to your budget and you should have enough money to last until the end of the school year.  If your budget is negative, check out the resources we have at Lakehead and see if there is a way to find a bit more money.

If you need help, talk to us.  Student Central is located on both campuses and our team can help you prepare, plan, and strategize so that you can focus on your studies.

Need more details?  Contact Student Central:

P:  1-800-465-3959
P:  807-343-8500
Step 6:  Connect with Student Services

Register with Student Accessibility Student Services

If you have a permanent or temporary disability or medical condition, Student Accessibility Services can help you with your transition to university.  Depending on your individual situation, accommodations may be set up for you to assist you with your academic success. For more information, visit


Thunder Bay Campus:

P:  807-343-8047

Orillia Campus:

C:  Danielle Poeta, Accessibility & Academic Skills Advisor
P:  705-330-4008 x 2013

Indigenous Students

Biindigen/Welcome to Lakehead! If you have any questions or would like more information about Indigenous student events, services and programming, please email us or visit our website.  

Thunder Bay Campus:

P:  807-343-8085

Orillia Campus:

C:  Allysha Wassegijig, Aboriginal Affairs Coordinator
P:  705-330-4008 x 2018


International Students

We know you are going to have a great study experience with us. Be sure to visit our Lakehead International Students website for detailed information. If you have any questions or concerns, or if you require any information re-sent, please email Sara Melvin at  We look forward to seeing you all on campus soon!

Thunder Bay Campus:

C:  Sara Melvin, International Relations Officer
P:  807-346-7848

Orillia Campus:

C:  Katie Fraser, international Engagement Specialist
P:  705-330-4008 x 2141
 STEP 7:  Save the Dates!

There's more to look forward to once summer arrives! Come June, we'll have more ways you can prepare for your Lakehead adventure. This will include details and logistics for your next steps over the summer, Orientation registration, course registration, ways to connect with the community and other great activities and information to ease your transition to University. In the meantime, save these dates:  


Fall Orientation 2019 Registration - opens end of June 2019

Fall Orientation 2019 - begins Thursday, August 29, 2019

Course Registration & Fast Pass - opens June 22, June 24 - 28, 2019

Residence Move-In - August 29, 2019

First Day of Classes - September 3, 2019


 STEP 8:  Tips for Academic Success

The Student Success Centre (SSC) has many programs and support services in place to help you achieve your academic and personal goals while studying at Lakehead University.  The SSC recommends concentrating on the follow aspects of your studies now so that you can develop and refine your academic skills prior to attending University in the Fall. Ensuring you focus on your studies, can help ease your academic transition in university. 

Tips for Your Academic Success

  1. Be prepared for class.
  2. Ask questions and seek clarification.
  3. Develop strong time management skills by planning your week in advance. 
  4. Develop strong note-taking skills and study habits. Review your notes often and study well in advance.
  5. Understand and practice Academic Integrity. 
  6. Take responsibility for your academics. 



If you do have questions, give the Student Success Centre a call or send us an email - we're happy to guide you through your next steps!      

Thunder Bay Campus:
   C:  Krista McAllister, Administrative Assistant
   P:  (807) 343-8018
 Orillia Campus:
    C:  Sarena Favaro, Student Success Advisor


Now that you're a Thunderwolf, you'll want to make sure you're on our social media. We encourage you to follow any and all of these social media channels so that you have an instant connection to us! 

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