In the image there is the letters "LVL" (capitilized) in the Lakehead yellow, and the word "up" directly to the right in Lakehead red. The "p" on the word up is extended above to appear to be an arrow. Below the LVLup wording is the word "Leadership" in Lakehead blue.


As a student at Lakehead University, there are many opportunities for you to get involved! Contribute to the campus community by volunteering with a variety of events and activities. We encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities to build your leadership skills which can be showcased on your Co-Curricular Record.

Join us in taking part in our new LVLup Leadership program. Our program aims to provide students with the opportunity to connect with their peers, the communities around them, as well as develop strong leadership skills and qualities. The LVLup Leadership program has been developed with YOU in mind. Through student surveys as well as having student leaders take part in forming the goals and vision for the LVLup Leadership program we are confident that it is something the Lakehead community has asked for.

Highlighting the Lakehead Experience for incoming first-year students, we are seeking students to take part in our leadership programming starting this Spring 2022!


Email to find out more.