Co-op Student Jobs

Students are responsible for finding their own co-op jobs. The Student Success Centre can assist with job searching, which will include the Co-op Job Bank, emailed jobs from Co-op Officer, co-op prep course, resume review, mock interviews, career fairs, employer recruitment sessions, etc. The job description must be sent to the Employer Relations & Co-op Advisor ( for approval before you can accept a job offer. This is done to ensure that the position meets the standards of the co-operative education program and faculty.

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If you wish to complete more than one work term, you do not have to work for the same employer. However, if you decide to switch employers, you will be required to pay the full co-op participation fee for the first work term. The co-op fee reduces to a half fee for consecutive work terms with the same employer, so when you change employers you will have to pay the full fee again.