Why to Hire Co-op

Discover Lakehead University’s Co-operative Education Program, and become a co-educator today!

Become a co-educator today!

Hiring a co-op student provides you, as the employer, many benefits which include reduced recruitment and hiring costs.

Additional benefits include:

  • Access to students year round, who are highly motivated and capable students who come from a variety of disciplines to perform specific projects or tasks
  • Students in co-op have already met an above average academic requirement and completed job preparation courses that improve their effectiveness in the workplace
  • Students can be employed for work terms lasting 4, 8, 12 or 16 months, depending upon their academic programs. Some programs may allow for 2 or more consecutive work terms
  • You will have a cost-effective means for evaluating future employees – effective Human Resources Management
  • You can meet short-term needs due to vacation schedules, transfers, promotions and training commitment or special projects by hiring a co-op student
  • Co-op students bring enthusiasm, new ideas, and approaches which can have positive effects on the workplace
  • You share in the training and development of our students to help them become productive members of society and potential leaders
  • You are considered a co-educator, as you provide learning opportunities beyond the boundaries of the classroom