OSAP Academic Probation & Restrictions

UPDATE: In light of the temporary grading scheme set in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are some important implications to be aware of when it comes to how these changes may affect your OSAP eligibility and academic progress.

First of all, if you decide to take a W for a course (i.e. you've failed the course and which to not have it appear as a failure on your transcript), this may affect your OSAP entitlement. In particular, if you choose to drop a course now (versus waiting to simply convert to a W), then if dropping that course would bring you down to a part-time student (i.e. less than 60% course load (or 40% course load for students with a permanent disability)), you would be at risk of receiving an academic progress restriction. You might also be liable for a loan over-payment, depending on your personal situation.

Alternatively, if you stay in a course and simply convert to a W after you've received a grade, you won't be at risk of going down to part-time status, however depending on the number of W's that you take, you could be at risk of obtaining an academic progress restriction if you do not pass a 60% course load.

OSAP Academic probation is a review of your academic year to ensure that you continue to meet the academic requirements of OSAP.  This process is independent from the Lakehead University academic standing review done by your program chair, and is a requirement from the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development.

You will be placed on OSAP academic probation if you meet any of the following Ministry defined criteria:

  • You do not achieve a passing grade (60%) in at least a 60% course load (40% course load for students with a permanent disability).
  • You drop below the minimum 60% course load (40% course load for students with a permanent disability) in any semester that you have received OSAP funding.
  • You do not meet satisfactory progression in your current year of study (e.g. if you repeat a year, if you frequently change programs, if you repeat many courses).

What is a 60% course load or 40% course load at Lakehead University?
You must be registered in at least 1.5 Full Course Equivalents (FCE) in each semester that you are receiving OSAP funding at Lakehead University (1 FCE for students with a permanent disability, as recorded by OSAP).

I’m on OSAP Academic Probation, now what?

If you have been placed on OSAP Academic probation you can still receive OSAP funding but you must upload a letter to your OSAP account that indicates the following:

  • Why you were not able to meet the OSAP academic standards in your most recent academic year.
  • How you will improve to ensure that you do not receive a second academic probation
  • A description of your academic goals.

To quickly and easily complete your OSAP Academic Probation letter, simply download the OSAP Academic Probation Form by clicking here, review and complete the form, and upload the document to your OSAP account where it will be reviewed by our Student Central staff.

You must complete a full year on probation before your status is reviewed.  If you are unable to maintain complete the criteria, as listed above, two years in a row then you will be placed on Academic Restriction.  This means that you will not be able to receive OSAP funding for one full year.  During this time you must keep your loans in good standing, which may include making payments towards your student loans.  If you need help in making payments please review options on the loan repayment webpage.