OSAP FAQ for micro-credentials

Can I receive funding for any micro-credential offered by Lakehead University (e.g. AQ courses)?

No, only approved OSAP for micro-credentials are available to be considered for funding.  To find the current list please visit: https://microlearnontario.ca/mc-search/?k=%22Lakehead+University%22&itemTypes=13&sortCol=1&increasePopularSearch=true#/?k=%22Lakehead%20University%22&itemTypes=13&sortCol=1&nextPage=true&page=4

Can I receive funding for two micro-credentials at the same time?

No, your micro-credential courses cannot overlap.  Once you finish one, you can submit a new application for OSAP for micro-credentials for your new course.

How can I pay for my micro-credential course?

You have two options, you can register and pay up front with your credit card, or you can submit a paper application after you have completed the OSAP for micro-credentials application and have been approved.  For the AQ applications form contact the Department of Professional Development in Education at AQYourWay@lakeheadu.ca

How do I apply for OSAP for micro-credentials?

To learn more about the provincial program and how to apply please visit the following page: https://www.ontario.ca/page/micro-credentials-ontarios-postsecondary-schools

What is covered by OSAP for micro-credentials?

There are different amounts that are available, but if you qualify you can have the cost of your course and books covered by OSAP for micro-credentials.

Who can I ask questions to about my OSAP for micro-credentials application?

If you are taking a Lakehead University approved micro-credential course, outreach to Student Central at studentcentral@lakeheadu.ca

I have applied for OSAP for micro-credential how do I receive my funding?

Provided you have remained registered in your course your OSAP will be released directly to the school if you have an account still owing, or if you have paid your fees, the funds will be released directly to you based on the banking information that you submitted when you set up your Master Student Financial Aid Agreement with the National Student Loans Service Centre.

I finished my micro-credential and want to apply retroactively for OSAP for micro-credential, can I do that?

No, your application must be received by Lakehead University’s financial aid office no later than the last day of your study period.  All of your supporting documents must be received no later than 5 days after the end of your study period.