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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to our question corner, where we address the top 10 questions frequently asked by students just like you! Whether it's about enrollment, housing, or academic support, we've got you covered. Can't find what you're looking for?

Undergraduate Admissions


When does the admission cycle open each year?

Lakehead has three intake periods: Fall (September), Winter (January) and Spring/Summer (May/July). For Fall entry, we will begin accepting applications  mid-September the year prior.. For example, if you are interested in starting your studies with us in September 2025, the application will open on September 11, 2024.

Is it too late to apply for a program I’m interested in studying?

Pending space availability we will accept applications  past the recommended application deadline. Please review our undergraduate program offerings and application availability: Undergraduate Programs.

What are the deadlines to apply for admission?

Application deadlines may vary depending on which program you apply to and the semester in which you intend to start (fall, winter or spring/summer). . For more information, please review our Application Deadlines.

How do I know whether I am admissible to the University and a particular program?

We welcome applications with various backgrounds from Ontario, Canada and the world! The first step in determining admissibility is to select what type of applicant you are, followed by the program(s) of interest to you. Admissions requirements may vary pending on your current and previous academic history. For more information, please visit: Admission Requirements.

Do I need to submit an English Language Proficiency Test?

Applicants whose first language is not English must demonstrate they can cope with the language demands of an English language university. Please review English Language Proficiency requirements. . If proof of English language proficiency is required, this must be submitted as part of your application.

Do you have a Winter intake and if so, how do I apply?

Yes, Lakehead University welcomes applications to winter, for certain programs that have a January start. Please apply directly to Lakehead using the Lakehead University Undergraduate Application. To view which undergraduate programs accept winter applications and status of application availability, please visit: Undergraduate Programs.

Can I amend my application through the Ontario Universities’ Application centre and if so, how?

Yes, you can review and edit your completed application. This may include adding a new program of choice or updating personal or address information. To support you, the Ontario Universities' Application Centre has developed a video tutorial with step-by-step instructions to walk you through this process.

Application Status

How do I check the status of my undergraduate application?

To check the status of your application log into myServices and select  Check My Application Status within the Admissions menu. You will be able to view your current application status, and if you are still waiting for admissions consideration, it’s okay, we will be in touch with you!

I’ve sent my documents (e.g. transcript) but the Applicant portal says it still has not been received, why?

Documents take time to review and process, and during busy periods there may be a delay of up to 5-7 business days between when you’ve provided your documents and when they appear ‘received’ in myServices. Once reviewed your application will be updated and reflected in your myServices account.

Do I need to submit documents? How do I submit them?

To view documents required for admissions consideration, please log into myServices and select ‘Required Documents' within the Admissions menu. To submit outstanding documents, please email Documents received this way will be considered unofficial, and may be used for conditional offers only. If you have already requested documents to be sent to us, please do not send us additional copies.

I’ve applied but I have not heard anything, why?

If you haven’t heard back from us yet, please be patient.Weassess applications on a continual basis, and will extend offers to eligible applicants as grade information is received..

There are certain programs, such as Consecutive Education program (BEd), One Year Social Work, Nursing and Engineering Post-Diploma, offers will be extended in rounds as early as February. Please refer to the program specific pages for more information.

I’ve been put on the waitlist for the program I’m interested in, what does this mean?

If you are placed on a waitlist it means that you are eligible for admission to the program; however, due to enrolment limitations in the program, you have not yet received an offer of admission. Should space become available, you may be extended an offer. We will contact you directly should this happen.

Offer of Admission & Documents

My Offer is not appearing on the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) portal, what do I do?

If you have just received notification of your offer of admission, the OUAC may not have received the electronic acceptance from Lakehead University yet. Please check again in a couple of days, and if the offer still does not display please contact Student Central directly.

My Offer of Admission indicates I need to submit a final official transcript and/or proof of degree, what does this mean? When do you need these by?

A final official transcript is when it displays all of your grade information and proof of degree/diploma, as applicable, and is provided (i) directly from the issuing institution, (ii) sent via the OUAC transcript service or (iii) delivered by the applicant in a sealed envelope from the issuing institution. Please refer to your offer of admission to ensure conditions are met, as outlined.

If I cannot meet my admission conditions on time, what do I do?

If you require additional time to meet your admissions conditions, please connect with Student Central to request an extension. If you are unable to meet program specific requirements, your application will be reassessed by the admissions team, and if you are eligible for admission to an alternate program or pathway, your offer of admission will be revised.

Can I defer my Offer of Admission to the next year?

If you are unable to begin your studies in the fall, you may be able to request a one-year deferral of your offer of admission. To be eligible to request a deferral, you must meet the following requirements: (i) met admission conditions, (ii) accepted your offer of admission, (iii) paid your confirmation deposit, (iv) your offer has not expired, and (v) you are not current registered in courses at Lakehead. 

You can submit a request for deferral via myServices: Request for a Deferral of Admission (Undergraduate Applicants Only).

How do I pay my Confirmation Deposit for my Offer of Admission?

Once you accept your offer of admission, the next step is to secure your seat in your degree program. Please submit your confirmation deposit via myServices: Pay Confirmation Deposit. As a reminder, the confirmation deposit is not an additional charge; although it is non-refundable, it goes directly towards your tuition and reduces your tuition payment due.

Personal Information

How do I change my address?

You can update your address information in myServices. Under User Options, select ”User Profile”.

How do I change my name?

You can update your chosen or legal name in myServices. Under User Options, select Request for Change of Chosen or Legal Name. Please note: your legal name will appear on all official academic records and your parchment.

Important Dates

Where can I find important dates (i.e. when classes start, last date to drop a course without academic penalty, Reading Week dates, etc.)?

The University’s important dates can be found in the Academic Calendar under “Important Dates

When are the Reading Weeks?

The University has two Reading Weeks – one in the Fall term and one in the Winter term. The dates can be found in the Academic Calendar under Important Dates – “Other Dates”.


Confirmation of Enrolment

What is a Confirmation of Enrolment?

A Confirmation of Enrolment or Enrolment Verification Letter is an official University document that confirms your student status for all programs. It is commonly used for banking or funding.  You can generate your own Confirmation of Enrolment letter through myServices - Course Registration & Timetabling - Enrolment Verification Letter.

How do I get a confirmation of enrolment?

You can access your own Confirmation of Enrolment letter through myServices- Enrolment Verification Letter. It will be auto generated as a PDF for printing. Please remember to ensure you have completed your registration beforehand.

I need a letter to confirm that I’m registered as a full-time student to withdraw money from a RESP/my bank. Where can I find this?

Confirmation of Enrolment for the purposes of a RESP (Registered Education Savings Plan) can be accessed through myServices. The form is automatically generated and available to download as a PDF. It is important that you have completed your course registration for that academic term (e.g. Fall/Winter 2024/25) before downloading your Confirmation of Enrolment.

Courses & Registration

When do the course offerings become available to see?

For Fall/Winter courses, the course offerings will be available for viewing on the Timetable in early June and for Spring/Summer courses in early January.

What courses are offered this year?

Please check the Timetable for a complete listing of scheduled courses for an academic session.

When do classes start/end?

Corresponding durations are posted beside each course code in the DUR column of the Timetable. Alternatively, the University’s important dates can be found on our website.

When will the spring and summer Timetable be available?

The spring and summer timetable will be made available in early January.

When can I register for Fall/Winter?

Course registration for the Fall and Winter terms commence  in mid-June. We offer staggered registration with registration opening to different groups of students throughout the summerStudents will be notified via their Lakehead email with their registration dates.

When does the course timetable get released for each academic term?

The course Timetable for the Fall/Winter academic year is posted in early June. For Spring/Summer it is posted in early January.

How do I register for my courses?

Registration is done through myServices - under the “Academics tab” you will find the Pre-Registration Planning tool. Here you can find a guide on how to plan your courses and register for your courses. You can also watch a video that will walk you through the registration process.

How do I know which courses I need to take?

The Academic Calendar under the “Programs and Faculties” section provides you with information on the courses (or types of courses) required for you to complete your degree. Select your Faculty then either Undergraduate or Graduate Programs to find your specific program within that department.

How do I drop a course and what impacts can that have?

You may drop a course through myServices under “Register for Courses” by the deadline to drop a course/withdrawal. You will see all the courses you have registered for. To drop a course, click the “Drop” button under the course(s) you wish to remove from your schedule.

There is no academic penalty for dropping a course by the deadline; however, there may be other implications such as an impact on your OSAP or an Entrance Scholarship, as well as a delay in your program progression. Before dropping a course, it is always best to meet with Student Central.

How do I take more than the maximum number of allowable credits for the current session?

If you wish to exceed the maximum number of allowable credits in a specific term (also referred to as a course overload), you will need to submit a request for Special Permission consideration. If you attempt to register for a larger course load than you are allowed, you will be prompted to submit your Request for Overload. You must have at least a B overall average in the previous academic year in order for your request to be considered, along with reasoning as to why an overload is required.

How do I register for a course that is restricted or not available to students in my program/major?

If you are unable to register on your own in a particular course that is restricted or only open to certain student groups, you will get an error message when trying to register. It will appear at the top right corner of the screen in a yellow banner. Follow the prompts to request permission to register. Please remember it is a request for consideration and may not be approved.

A course or courses I need to meet my program requirements is full, what do I do?

If a waitlist is an option you can get onto a waitlist. Waitlists are monitored on a daily basis and if a seat becomes available you will be notified, a message will be sent to your Lakehead University email account. While you are waiting for a seat, contact your Program Chairperson/Director for direction on how to proceed in your current program of study.

When does Spring/Summer registration open?

Typically, spring/summer registration opens February 1.

How many courses do I need to be registered in to be a full-time student for Fall/Winter?

Students must be registered in a minimum of 4 full course equivalent credits over the Fall/Winter to be considered full-time.

The class I want is full, what do I do?

If the course has a waitlist, we recommend you put yourself on the waitlist. If a spot opens in the course, you will be notified to your Lakehead email. Once you receive notification, you will have 72 hours to register for the course. After this time, permission to register will be removed. Should you miss the window to register, you will need to put yourself on the waitlist again.

I’m getting an error message when trying to register, what do I do?

Most error messages explain what you need to do to proceed. Please contact Student Central if you are unsure what the message means to you.

How do I know where my courses will be located?

It is always a good idea to verify the delivery of your class and also the location of your class. Your timetable/schedule can be found in myServices under - Academics - Course Registration & Timetable - My Class Schedule.

Will I get a course timetable?
Your timetable can be found in myServices - under My Class Schedule.


If I withdraw from a course, will it show on my transcript?

It depends. Any course that has not been dropped before the last date to drop/withdraw will show on your transcript along with a grade. If you withdraw before the last date to drop/withdraw, the course will not appear on the transcript.

How do I drop a course?

If you’d like to make a change to your course registration, you must do so before the last date to drop/withdraw. In myServices, select the Course Registration & Timetable option. Your current registration will appear and you will see the “Drop” option under each course that you are currently registered in.

After the last date to drop/withdrawal, what other options do I have if I can no longer stay in my course?

If the last date to drop/withdraw has passed, and it is before the last day of classes, you may have the option to Self-Late Withdrawal from a course. Learn more about Self-Late Withdrawal and how to request it.

I heard about a Petition for Late Withdrawal. What is the difference between a Petition for Late Withdrawal and a Self-Late Withdrawal?

In many cases, if you are in an undergraduate program, you can request a Self-Late Withdrawal for up to a maximum of 3.0 FCEs over the course or your studies, up to the final day of classes. There are some exceptions for practicums/placements, co-op, exchanges, etc. If you have reached the 3.0 FCE maximum and you have extenuating circumstances that prevented you from dropping the course, you may submit a Petition for consideration of a Late Withdrawal. More information can be found here.

Academic Standing

What does my academic standing mean and what are the implications?

Every spring your academic standing for the academic year is assessed based on your current program of study. Your academic standing keeps you informed of your academic progress. Your academic standing is determined based on meeting the University’s regulations and your program requirements. Academic standing means different things – you may see terms such as Eligible to Continue, Probation, Failed Year, etc. For a complete list of standing meanings please refer here. You will be notified when your standing results are posted to myServices under My Program Details & Academic Standing.

Where can I find my academic standing?

In June, an email will be sent to your Lakehead email advising you of your academic standing. You can check your standing in myServices under My Program Details & Academic Standing.

My academic standing says Probation, what does this mean?

Probation means your average does not currently meet your program requirements. You will be eligible to continue in your program and register. However, you must meet the minimum average in the next academic year. 

I have a failed year, what does this mean?

Failed year means you are not currently meeting the requirements for your program. It is best to discuss this directly with your Program Chair/Director prior to selecting courses.

Program Changes

I’m interested in switching programs, what do I do?

Before submitting a request to Change your Program, take time to explore the program options available along with their admission requirements. When you are ready to request a change to your program, visit here. You may also want to speak with Student Central about your interests, goals and programs that may be best suited to you.

Will the courses I took in my current program be used towards my new program?

It depends on the courses you have successfully completed and the new program you are looking to enter. Many programs have electives and may be able to be used to fulfill those elective requirements as long as you have successfully completed the course(s).

Can I switch my program between Lakehead’s two campuses – I am currently in Orillia and want to switch to Thunder Bay?

It will depend on the program and if it is offered at the other campus. Best to consult with Student Central ahead of making the request to change campuses.

Final Grades

Why can’t I view my course marks on myServices?

Not all instructors make their marks available throughout the term. Final grades, once submitted and approved, will be available to students who were registered in the course.

How is my average calculated?

Average calculations within a class are dependent on the Instructors Grade Scheme.  Final term and cumulative average calculations are based on many factors but included in the assessment is the weight of the course, the major area of study etc.

How do I view my grades?

You can view final grades by signing into myServices and select Unofficial Transcript (for final grades) -  myMarks for in progress marks.

What do I do if my grade is incorrect?

If you believe that your posted grade is incorrect, please contact Student Central. We will verify whether the grade on the system is the one that was submitted by the Instructor. If you wish to appeal the grade, please follow the Reappraisal and Academic Appeals Policy.

Exams & Special Exams

When will the exam schedule be made available?

The Fall course exam timetable is posted in mid October. The Winter term and Full Year course exam timetable is posted mid February. The Exam Period dates can be found under Important Dates in the Academic Calendar.

I have two final exams scheduled on the same day, is this allowed?

For information on final exams refer to the University Regulations section in the Academic Calendar to see the rules that govern final exams.

How will I know if exams have been cancelled during the final exam period?

It is rare when a final exam is cancelled during the examination period but sometimes weather events make it impossible to continue with exams. The University will send out a bulletin to all students on the affected campus.

My family is planning a vacation during the exam period. What should I do?

You are required to be available for your exams and must plan accordingly to ensure you are present.

What are special exams?

Special exams are a privilege for students who meet the conditions as outlined in the Academic Calendar. The Special Exam grade replaces the original exam grade obtained in the assessment of the students final grade.

How do I know if I am eligible to take a special exam?

For Special Examination eligibility, refer to the University Regulations along with the Faculty Regulations outlined in the Academic Calendar.

Graduating & Convocation


I’ve finished my program requirements and think I can graduate; can you help to see if I’m ready to graduate?

In order to be considered for graduation, you will need to satisfy the requirements for your program of study as outlined in the Academic Calendar (your year of entry), along with the regulations of the University, Faculty and/or Department/Program. Often referred to as a Degree Audit, in myServices under Academics Student Planning -- My Progress you will find this helpful guide. You should also reach out to Student Central or your Faculty Advisor for advice.

When can I graduate? Is there more than one time of year for graduation?

Lakehead graduates students three times per year (September, February and May). Graduation becomes official when Lakehead University’s Senate approves the Graduand List.

How do I apply to graduate?

To be considered for graduation, you must first submit an Intent to Graduate found in myServices. For students who have completed or will complete all program requirements by:

  • Fall Graduation (September), the Intent to Graduate will be available from mid-July to mid-August for approval at the September Senate meeting.
  • Winter Graduation (February), the Intent to Graduate will be available from early November to mid December), for approval at the February Senate meeting
  • Spring Graduation (May/June) the Intent to Graduate will be available from mid February until mid March for approval at the May Senate meeting
When should I apply to graduate?

You should apply to graduate after you have registered in the last of your required courses for your degree and once the Intent to Graduate application opens. Prior to submitting an Intent to Graduate, you may wish to meet with Student Central and/or your Faculty Advisor to verify whether you will meet your requirements on time.

Will I be able to graduate if I have outstanding fees?

If you owe fees to the University (e.g.,: tuition, parking, library) you will not receive your degree until you have cleared the balance on your student account. Please contact Accounts Receivable to arrange payment.

What if I have missed the deadline to apply for graduation?

Late applications to graduate are accepted, however, your eligibility to graduate may not be assessed in time to have your name included on the Graduands list that goes to Senate for approval or in time for you to attend your Convocation ceremony.

Is there a Fall Convocation ceremony to attend?

Lakehead hosts Convocation ceremonies once a year in the Spring. Graduates who are granted their degree in September or February are invited to attend the Spring ceremony.

How can I find out the status of my Intent to Graduate?

Once the list goes to the Lakehead University Senate for approval and pending approval, the list will be posted to the Convocation web page. All students who are successful will receive a congratulatory email with details of their next steps in receiving their degree or attending a convocation ceremony.

How will I know if I have been approved to graduate?

All students who have been approved to graduate will receive a congratulatory email. If unsuccessful in meeting your graduation requirements, you will receive a detailed email with more information. In most cases the reason a student is successful is that final grades were missing or the student did not meet published requirements (average, required course, etc). While this is disappointing, we can help you explore options.


Where can I find more answers to my Convocation questions?

Please visit our convocation webpage.

When and where is Convocation taking place?

Convocation ceremonies take place one time each spring, normally around the last week of May in Thunder Bay and early June in Orillia. The ceremonies take place at sites nearby our two campuses. For more information on specific dates, times and locations, visit our convocation webpage.

How do I get tickets (and extra tickets if possible) for my supporters to attend?

Each graduating student will receive 2 tickets for their supporters. Due to space constraints, we may be able to offer extra tickets upon request. To request extra tickets, please contact Students will be informed of their extra ticket request the week prior to their convocation ceremony.

What if I cannot attend my Convocation ceremony?

If you are unable to attend the Convocation ceremony, please indicate that you will not be attending on the RSVP response and select if you would like your degree mailed or held for pick up. Degrees are mailed or available for pick-up approximately one week following the convocation ceremonies

Where can I find the Invitation for Parents to Attend Convocation from Overseas?

If you are wishing to invite family members to attend your Convocation, you must draft your own invitation letter that outlines the details of Convocation. You must also provide proof of enrolment to support the invitation.

Financing, Scholarships & Awards and Government Aid

Scholarships & Awards

When will my Entrance Scholarship be applied to my student account? Entrance scholarships and renewals are applied in two installments.

The first installment is applied to your student account on the first day of the school term in September and the second installment on the first day of the school term in January. If you did not receive your scholarship after the start of the term, please contact Student Central.

What are the criteria to have my Entrance Scholarship renewed?

Students awarded a renewable Academic Entrance Scholarship must maintain a minimum 80% or 90% average in each academic year, according to the terms found in the Scholarship Offer. A normal full course load is required in each year of study.  Your scholarship will be applied directly to your tuition and/or residence fees. This will take place on the first day of your classes in September and January, reducing the amount you owe to the University.

How do I apply for scholarships, bursaries and awards as a current student?

The myAwards portal will provide you an easy way to apply for all scholarships, bursaries and awards available to Lakehead students. The portal provides you with a general application and a financial need application.  By completing both of these applications you will be automatically matched to all of the opportunities available to you.

When can I apply for scholarships, bursaries and awards through myAwards?

The myAwards portal opens annually on August 15. The portal closes annually on October 15.

How will I know if I am going to receive a scholarship or award? If you are a successful recipient of one of our many donor funded opportunities you will receive a message in late-November, early-December, congratulating you and prompting you on the next steps, including writing a thank you letter to your donor.

OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program)

When will the OSAP application open for next Fall?

The OSAP application for Fall typically opens in Spring. Please check the OSAP website in May.

When can I apply for OSAP?

For information regarding important OSAP application deadlines and dates, please visit the OSAP section of the Student Central website.

Why haven’t I received my OSAP yet?

Before you receive your first installment of OSAP funds, we will need to verify that you are registered in the correct course load. To receive full-time funding, you must be registered in at least a 60% course load, 40% for a student with a disability in both of your semesters.  If it is different or you are not registered, this can affect the amount or timing of your funding. Once received, your funds will be applied to your Lakehead Statement of Account. Normally this happens at the beginning of September and then again at the beginning of January.

How do I submit my OSAP documents? Can you upload them for me?

When you log into your online OSAP account, navigate to your “Required Documents” page.  Once there you may upload all of your required documentation.  In order to upload your required documentation please ensure that your documents are saved as a PDF.  The fastest way to have your documents reviewed is to upload them yourself to your account.  Should you need assistance you may drop them off at Student Central, but please note that there would be an additional 6 – 8 week processing time for documents.

I submitted all required documents for my OSAP application. Why haven’t I received my funding yet?

OSAP documents take time to be reviewed. Typically, the wait time is 6-8 weeks, depending on the document type. During peak periods, additional time may be required. Once all documents are approved and your application has been confirmed, you will receive your funding in 5-7 business days.

How does my Entrance Scholarship impact my OSAP eligibility and what I have to pay when first instalment tuition/fees are due?

Any scholarships, awards or bursaries you receive from Lakehead directly will be automatically reported to your OSAP application. Any external awards you must report yourself to OSAP. Since OSAP is based on a need assessment any scholarships received over $1,800 will be counted as income and may reduce your overall OSAP assessment.

How do I change my bank account with student loans?

To update your banking information, log in to your secure National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC) online account, click My Account and select Financial Institution Information. If you need help, go to Additional Resources Opens a new window to review a step-by-step process on how to update your banking information. 

What is considered full-time OSAP status for Undergraduate Fall/Winter?

To maintain full-time status, students must take at least 60% of a full course load (1.5 credits per term) or 40% (1.0 credits per term) if you are student with a permanent disability. Students who are on full-time co-op work term are also considered full-time.

Do I need a new OSAP application for the spring/summer terms?

If you submitted a full time OSAP application in the Fall/Winter terms, then you are only required to submit the OSAP extension form.

Why is OSAP asking for a repayment this month? I’m a part-time student/taking a semester off/etc.

The National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC) requests repayment beginning 6 months after your last study period for anyone who is no longer a Full-Time student. You may wish to call the NSLSC to negotiate a payment plan at 1-888-815-4514.

When will I receive my Winter term OSAP?

Similar to the Fall term, OSAP funding will be deposited after your enrolment has been confirmed for the winter term. We will confirm your OSAP application within the last few weeks of December. Once your application is confirmed, your funding will be ready for deposit within 5-7 business days from the beginning of the winter term.  Please monitor your online OSAP account for important updates and communications, as well as ensure all necessary documents have been uploaded.

Where will my funding be released?

If you have an outstanding balance on your account, your OSAP funding will be released to Lakehead to help pay your tuition and outstanding fees. If you are eligible to receive more funding than your tuition, only then will the outstanding funding be released directly to you (to the bank account you set up with the Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement).

I did not receive the same amount of funding that I received last year, why is that?

OSAP and all government student aid programs are constantly changing, you are changing too.  Sometimes your situation has changed from the previous year to the current year.  In other instances, the changes that have been implemented by the federal or provincial governments have resulted in an increase or decrease of funding to you.  The governments work hard to maintain a consistency from year-to-year, but changes are inevitable over time.

I have decided to drop/withdraw from a course for the Winter term. How will this effect my OSAP?

If you choose to drop/withdraw from a course for the Winter, you are changing your course load and your OSAP eligibility may be impacted. Learn more about the impacts of course withdrawal(s) on OSAP.

When will the OSAP extension form be available for spring/summer?

Typically, it is available within the first week of March. The form can be found on this webpage.  It is important to submit your OSAP extension form once you have registered for all of your courses for the spring/summer, but also before the courses begin.  If you change your courses, you have to re-submit a new form each time.

Where can I submit my OSAP documents?

All documents must be uploaded to your OSAP student portal. If you have attempted too many uploads for that specific document type, you must upload the document(s) in Optional Uploads. If the file size is too large, split the file into multiple smaller files with a naming convention to indicate that the files belong together (i.e. Document 1 of 3).  Only PDF files are eligible to be uploaded.

When will my funding be released?

If you have uploaded all your documents and your documents have been approved, the final stage before receiving OSAP is the Confirmation of Enrolment stage. This means that a Financial Aid Officer will confirm your enrolment with OSAP. This cannot happen until at least two weeks before the start of your term. Once a confirmation of enrolment is completed, it typically takes 5-7 business days for the payment from the National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC) to reflect on your Lakehead student account or in your personal bank account if there is not an amount owing.

Why is my OSAP funding on hold and not being released?

There are a few different reasons as to why your funding may be on hold but it is most likely a result of missing documentation.  Log into your online OSAP account and review your required documentation page.  Ensure that the documents are submitted no later than 40 days of your end of study period date of your OSAP application.  You may also not be registered in the correct course load, make sure that you are registered in at least a 60% course load (1.5 FCE) per term, 40% course load (1.0 FCE) per term for a student with an OSAP recognized disability.

Where will my funding be released?

If you have an outstanding balance on your student account then your OSAP funding will be released to Lakehead to help pay your tuition. If you are eligible to receive more funding than your tuition, only then will the outstanding funding be released directly to you (to the bank account you set up with the Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement).

I’m on Academic Probation under OSAP, what does this mean?

If you have been placed on OSAP Academic Probation you can still receive OSAP funding but you must upload a completed OSAP Acknowledgement of Academic Probation Form from your OSAP account acknowledging and declaring specific information. For a list of information required visit OSAP Academic Probation and Restrictions. Once your Form is completed, upload all pages of the document to your OSAP account.

OSAP & Ontario Learn and Stay Grant (OLSG)

What is the Ontario Learn and Stay Grant?

The Ontario Learn and Stay Grant (OLSG) is a grant that is available for nursing students to help cover the tuition, ancillary fees, and books. This is not needs-based funding but a return-of-service grant. The grant is made available to students who started in their first year of an approved Lakehead University nursing program beginning in the 2023-24 academic year. The program will be reviewed on an annual basis by the provincial government to either continue or discontinue program eligibility.

Can I receive OSAP and the Ontario Learn and Stay Grant (OLSG) at the same time?

Yes, you may.  The OLSG is considered for your education costs and OSAP will help to cover some of your living costs.  You must complete two separate applications, one for OLSG and one for OSAP.

I want to take a minor will receiving OLSG, can I do this?

The programs that are approved are solely nursing-based programs.  Minors are not eligible for the program and you may not receive funding for courses that do not directly lead to your nursing degree.

I am taking only one course to make up for last year, can I qualify for Ontario Learn and Stay Grant (OLSG)?

In order to be eligible for OLSG, you must be studying full-time in your program.  If you are only taking one course that leads to your program you are most likely considered a part-time student for OLSG purposes and would not qualify for the program.

What is the return-of-service for Ontario Learn and Stay Grant (OLSG)?

This agreement is that you must work in the same service region where you studied for at least 180 days (6 months) for every full year of study funded by the grant.  For example, if you received funding for 4 years of studies at Lakehead University, you must work for an eligible employer in any of the public health units within the northern region for 24 months (2 years) after your graduation.  Your funding will be converted to a repayable loan if you do not meet required conditions.

OSAP & Microcredentials

Can I receive funding for any micro-credential offered by Lakehead University (e.g. AQ courses)?

No, only approved OSAP for micro-credentials are available to be considered for funding.

Can I receive funding for two micro-credentials at the same time?

No, your micro-credential courses cannot overlap.  Once you finish one, you can submit a new application for OSAP for micro-credentials for your new course that does not overlap with your first course.

How can I pay for my micro-credential course?

You have two options, you can register and pay up front with your credit card, or you can submit a paper application after you have completed the OSAP for micro-credentials application and have been approved.  For the AQ applications form contact the Department of Professional Development in Education at

How do I apply for OSAP for micro-credentials?

To learn more about the provincial program and how to apply please visit the following page:

What is covered by OSAP for micro-credentials?

There are different amounts that are available, but if you qualify you can have the cost of your course and books covered by OSAP for micro-credentials.

I have applied for OSAP for micro-credential how do I receive my funding?

Provided you have remained registered in your course your OSAP will be released directly to you based on the banking information that you submitted when you set up your Master Student Financial Aid Agreement with the National Student Loans Service Centre.

I finished my micro-credential and want to apply retroactively for OSAP for micro-credential, can I do that?

No, your application must be received by Lakehead University’s financial aid office no later than the last day of your study period.  All of your supporting documents must be received no later than 5 days after the end of your study period.