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Our best answer: What is the status of my application?


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Understanding Your Application Status:

An application status of “DEF – Deferred” means that your application has been reviewed for admission by an Admissions Officer; however, the Admissions Officer requires more information in order to make an assessment. As a result, your application has been deferred until the next round of Offers. Please note that an application status of “DEF” does not mean that your application has been refused. Here are the most common reasons why an application is deferred:

  1. Your current admissions average, based on your best six Grade 12U/M courses, is too low.
  2. You do not have the required prerequisite courses for your programs of interest.
  3. You are not registered in the required six Grade 12U/M courses.
  4. You have not submitted proof of English language proficiency.

If your application has been deferred, you are strongly encouraged to speak with your Guidance Department. If we are missing grade information, your Guidance Department may be able to send us the missing grades electronically. Upon receipt of the required grade information or English test scores, we will reassess your application for admission. If you have applied to our Nursing program, you may need to wait until the next round of Offers for your application to be reassessed.    


An application status of “RNL – No Letter” means that you have been refused to that particular program choice; however, a refusal letter or email will not be sent to you.  

If you have received this status, it normally means that you have applied to multiple programs that are similar in nature and were only one Offer of Admission can be extended. For example, if you applied to both Nursing programs and received an Offer to one, the other choice is normally made “RNL - No Letter”. Another example would be if you applied to multiple Two-Year Bachelor of Education programs. You can only receive one Offer to the Bachelor of Education program. As a result, your other choices will be made “RNL - No Letter”.

Please note that we strive to admit you to your highest ranked application (e.g. 1st choice being the highest); however, it is not always possible given enrolment limitations and applicant pool competitiveness. As a result, your highest ranked application could receive the “RNL - No Letter” status.   


An application status of “PEN - Pending” means that you have submitted all required documentation for an admission; however, the next round of Offers has not occurred. Once the next round of Offers begins, your application(s) will be reassessed for admission. If you are in-progress with courses at another institution, make sure you are sending us updated grade information as it becomes available.

If your status continues to remain as “PEN” as rounds of Offers pass, it means that your admissions average was not high enough to receive a decision. Please note that we do not release our cut-off averages.