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Our best answer: How do I log into myEmail or myInfo?

To log into your myInfo account, click here.

If you have previously logged into your myInfo account but forgot your password, please click the “Forgot my Password” to begin the reset process.

If you cannot access your myInfo account using any of the above suggestions, contact Helpdesk for assistance. Keep in mind that you only get five attempts to login before your account becomes locked. 


Your Lakehead username and password are used to access a number of Lakehead resources. Including, but not limited to myEmail, myInfo, mycourselink, mySuccess, wireless, AD (computers on campus), and the Library Proxy.***


Planned or Unplanned Outages?

TSC maintains a maintenance record on their website which shows all planned and unplanned maintenance on the system and what services will be affected.  Every effort is made to notify students and staff of any disruption but not all outages are planned.