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Our best answer: Where can I find and print my class schedule?


Your personal class schedule is available through your myInfo account, student tab. Under the “Timetables & Exams” heading you can view and print your class schedule, as well as your exam schedule.

“My Class Schedule” will outline all of the classes you have successfully registered for. It will show the day(s), time(s), room number and instructor for each class in each term. It will also list your web-based courses on the top left hand side of the schedule. Be sure to select the term by clicking the “fall term” or “winter term” buttons.

“My Exam Schedule” will outline all of your scheduled final examinations, once the official exam timetable has been posted. Check here to see when and where your final examinations are being held for each of the winter and spring examination periods.


Reading Your Class Schedule:

My Class Schedule allows you to view your schedule by each term.  To choose the term, select from the tabs at the top.  Year long courses will appear on both the fall and winter schedule views.

The letters at the end of the course number (BIOL-1130-FA) are called the section of the course. Courses with a section starting with an F are fall term courses (Sept-Dec), sections starting with a W are winter term courses (Jan-Apr), and courses with a section starting with a Y are year long courses (Sept-Apr). While S = Spring Term (May-Jun) and A = Summer term (Jul-Aug). Courses may have multiple sections, but you only need to register for the one section that best fits into your schedule.

There are short forms that refer to the days of the week that the course meets.

·         MWF: stands for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

·         TTH: stands for Tuesday and Thursday

You must attend lectures and labs on all of the designated days.