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Our best answer: How do I get a course description?

You may obtain course descriptions through the Lakehead University Academic Calendar. Visit calendar.lakeheadu.ca. Select “Courses” to browse courses by undergraduate or graduate level. All courses are then grouped under their respective faculty and then further broken down by academic discipline. The course name, course number, credit weight and course description is available for each course offered at Lakehead University. 

Students should also refer to the “Definitions and Terms” section of the Lakehead University Academic Calendar for more information about how to understand the course nomenclature. A course code is a designation assigned to a course that represents the subject area (e.g. MATH) followed by a unique course number (e.g. 1100).

Please Note: Not all courses are offered every year and a list of current offerings for the Academic term can be found in the Academic Calendar under Timetables and by selecting Course Timetables. Offerings are the hours of instruction assigned to a course. It indicates the number of lecture hours and, where applicable, laboratory hours for the term(s) in which it is being delivered. For example, 3-3; 3-0 indicates 3 lecture hours in each term and 3 laboratory hours in the first term only.

If you are currently registered for a course and are looking to obtain a more detailed course outline / syllabus, these are normally distributed by the course instructor once the course has started. If you have missed receiving the syllabus in class, please contact your instructor directly. 




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