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Our best answer: How do I order a transcript?

To order transcripts, you will need to do so online through your Lakehead University myInfo account.

To do so, simply log into your myInfo account, select the Student or Alumni tab, and under the Grades & Transcript heading, select the Order My Official Transcript link. This will direct you to the Transcript request page, with an ORDER NOW link at the bottom of the screen. Simply click the ORDER NOW link, and in the window that appears, you will be able to order your transcript. Please note that transcript requests can take up to 5-7 business days to process, not including mailing time (if applicable).


Transcript/Academic Record Abbreviations

ADV Advanced Standing
AEG Aegrotat
CR Credit
CHL Challenge Examination
DEF Deferred Examination
EX Exempt
F Failed
FA Failed Attempt
FNW Failure, No Withdrawal
INC Incomplete
TCR Transfer Credit
IP In Progress
NMR No Mark Recorded
P Pass
PLC Credit for a Previous Lakehead University Course
REQ Required Course
SPC Special Examination
SUP Supplemental Examination
WWP Withdrew Without Permission
W Withdrew