Portfolio Requirements for Visual Arts Applicants

In addition to the general admission requirements for Lakehead University, you must also satisfy non-academic requirements, which includes the submission of a portfolio of original artwork. A portfolio of your artwork must successfully pass a review. The requirements of the portfolio include examples of various types of original artwork such as: drawings, paintings, prints, digitally created images and sculpture. The portfolio is intended to provide an assessment of your suitability for the program based on the level and range of skills demonstrated.

The following is a minimum list of works to be included in your portfolio:

  • 2 completed drawings,
  • 2 completed works in colour, and
  • 1 of the following:
    • a print or image created digitally using computer software,
    • a ceramic work (photograph only),
    • a sculptural work  (photograph only), or
  • 4 other completed works of your choice. 

Please do not submit actual three-dimensional works, or actual two dimensional works larger than 18" x 24". Such work may be presented in a photograph. All works must be clearly labelled with your name. All work must be original and created by you. Work the committee finds demeaning to human dignity will be rejected.

Portfolios must be submitted directly to the Department of Visual Arts by the deadline date. Portfolios received after the deadline will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. For more information about our Visual Arts program and the portfolio requirements, please contact the Department of Visual Arts at (807) 343-8787 or by email at jhowie@lakeheadu.ca

How to Submit My Portfolio

1. Submit Your Portfolio Electronically Via Google Drive (Preferred)

1a. Uploading your portfolio

  1. Using your Acknowledgement Letter, log on to your myEmail account.

  2. Click on the "Apps" icon (the nine squares) found in the upper right hand corner of your screen (to the left of your email address).

  3. Click on "Drive".
  4. Click "Create" and select "Folder"
  5. Name it: Portfolio for <first name> <last name> <LU Student ID #> - i.e. "Portfolio for John Smith 0123456".
  6. Under "My Drive", click on your portfolio link - "Portfolio for John Smith 0123456".
  7. To upload your portfolio, you can:
    1. Drag and drop your file(s) where it says "Drop files here", or
    2. Click on the red icon with the white up arrow and select your files. You will need to browse to the file where your portfolio is located.
  8. Ensure all files have been uploaded to your portfolio file in Google Drive.

1b. How to share your portfolio with visual arts

After your upload all of your portfolio files, click on the white square icon with the down arrow (you may need to move your mouse over your file name under "My Drive" in order for the arrow to pop up)

  1. Choose "Share"
  2. Click on "Share..."
  3. In the "Invite People" text box, enter jhowie@lakeheadu.ca
  4. Ensure that "Can Edit" is selected (drop down box is located to the right of the "Invite People" text box)
  5. Check the "Notify people via email" box
  6. Click "Add message"
  7. Compose a standard email to Roland and Jennifer:
    1. For example, "Attached is the Visual Arts portfolio for John Smith. There are 4 files that you should have access to."
  8. Check the "Send a copy to myself" box
  9. Click "Share and Save"
if you require assistance with uploading your portfolio, please refer to the video tutorial.

2. Send Your Portfolio via Mail

Please mail your portfolio to:

Attn: Jennifer Howie
Lakehead University - Department of Visual Arts
955 Oliver Road 
Thunder Bay, ON 
P7B 5E1