Nursing Admission Requirements

 The minimum admission averages for the Nursing programs are:

  • 4-Year Collaborative Program: 70%
  • 3-Year Compressed Program: 80%

Achieving the minimum admission average does not guarantee admission.

All applicants must complete the following prerequisites, or equivalent, in order to be considered for admission:

  • Grade 12 U English,
  • Grade 12 U Biology,
  • Grade 12 U Chemistry, and
  • Grade 12 U Mathematics.

A minimum grade of 60% is required in each of the above prerequisite courses. In most instances, the Practical Nursing diploma does not satisfy the Grade 12 U Chemistry and Grade 12 U Mathematics prerequisite requirements. 

Lastly, applicants are required to be in good standing with the College of Nurses of Ontario in order to receive the following transfer credit that applies to the first year of either Nursing program:

  • Nursing 1512 (Relational Nursing Practice 2),
  • Nursing 2511 (Relational Nursing Practice 3),
  • Humanities 1_00 (First Year Unspecified Full Credit), and
  • Humanities 1_10 (First Year Unspecified Half Credit).