Admission through Gateway

Because sometimes grades are not always an indication of success. 

What is Gateway?

Lakehead University recognizes that sometimes students face difficulties that may affect their grades prior to enroling at university. Through our Gateway program, Lakehead will automatically consider you for admission, even if your academic average falls slightly below the regular required admission average. 

Our Gateway program provides you with additional supports including mandatory advising sessions with a Gateway Advisor to ensure your set up for success in your first year.  You will be well-equipped to transition to university and be connected with academic supports related to areas in which you may need extra assistance. 

Gateway is a probationary admissions program that still allows you to enter into an academic program; however, it is not available for all programs at Lakehead. You will be automatically considered for admission to your program (or an alternate program). Successful applicants will receive more information in the Offer of Admission. 

There is no separate application required to be considered for admission through Gateway.


I Received an Offer of Admission with the Condition of Completing Gateway. Why Am I in Gateway?

At the time of assessment, your admissions average was slightly before our required minimum admissions average. However, it is clear that you have the potential to succeed at Lakehead University! By participating in Gateway, you have the opportunity to begin your university journey with a little extra help. 

At this time, your participation in Gateway is required. However, if you increase your final overall average to 70% or greater by the conditions deadline date stated in your Offer of Admission letter, you will not need to participate in Gateway, and a revised Offer of Admission letter will be sent to you. 

I Received an Offer of Admission with the Condition of Completing Gateway. What Do I Need To Do Next?

  1. Accept your Offer of Admission. For assistance, please click here
  2. Check your Lakehead University email account regularly for information on course registration support.
    1. For Fall entry students, course registration does not normally open until July; however, you can prepare for course registration by clicking here.
    2. For Winter entry students, course registration is open. 
  3. Attend a Fast Pass registration session to register for your courses. There are sessions at each campus, as well as online webinars.
  4. Connect with your Gateway Advisor to set up your initial Gateway Meeting where you will receive your Gateway resource folder, review your current registrations, and more. To connect with your Gateway Advisor, email   
  5. Important: You are required to achieve an overall average of 60% in your first year of studies at Lakehead University! Upon completion of year one, your individual academic standing will be reviewed to determine your eligibility for progression into year two.