Lakehead University
Thunder Bay High School Mathematics Contest
Lakehead University
May 15, 2003

New this year, Lakehead, with the support of the School Boards and Corporate Donors below, is sponsoring a mathematics competition for high school students in the area.

For more information, please write the organizers at More information about the organizers can be found here.

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This page is will no longer be updated -- This is the 2003 contest

Thunder Bay High School Mathematics Contest
Northwestern Ontario has been home to many talented young people who, over the years, have done well in the established mathematics contests run nationally and internationally, and have gone forth to successful careers in mathematically related fields. These contests are often designed for and directed toward professional mathematics, but increasingly mathematics serves as a central theme throughout our technologically advanced and information centered society. Math is no longer an isolated field but, increasingly, the background of our quantitative environment.

It is time to invigorate the mathematical interests and encourage the development of the mathematical talents of those going on to careers in mathematics, teaching, information technology, engineering, science, medicine, skilled trades, commerce, banking, and business, among others. With these objectives firmly in mind, we are designing a new kind of mathematics contest which, along with testing individual problem solving abilities will equally evaluate teams working together on more challenging problems. For the academic year 2002-2003 we have obtained financial support from our community for a low cost approach to this project which we believe will more than repay its cost in attracting and retaining our talent in order to build a sophisticated advanced technology.

On May 14, the TD Canada Trust Thunder Bay High School Math Competition took place with just under a hundred students from local high schools. The contest was an all day contest split into two parts: an individual component and a team component. The results from the contest are posted below.

ClickHERE for the CONTEST PROBLEMS, SOLUTIONS, and PICTURES from both the contest and award ceremony.

Thanks to all the students and their teachers for making this contest a success!

The Contest
Contest Headquarters will be in Ryan Building 1042 at Lakehead University. This room will be available all day, although the contest will be written in separate rooms which will be assigned at registration. The Schedule is:
09:30-10:00 Registration and explanation of rules RB-1042
1000-1130 Individual problems working session, rooms to be assigned
11:30-12:00 Solutions explained
12:00-13:00 Lunch, Student Caferteria or Residence Dining Room (TBA)
13:00-14:30Working Session, Team Problems, rooms to be assigned
14:30-15:00 Solutions Explained
Please note that courtesy of our corporate sponsors: TD Canada Trust, Bowater, BMO Nesbitt Burns, Cook Engineering, and Thunder Bay Hydro, there will be no registration fee for the contest and lunch will be provided free for all contestants and accompanying teachers. Individual Schools will provide transportation for their contestants, both ways, on the contest day.

University parking regulations will be in effect on May 14, but we will be able to provide parking passes for a limited number of vehicles at the Parking Kiosk, provided we are notified of the number needed before May 5, 2003 by calling the Mathematics Department Secretary at 343-8469.

Registration Information to March 28, 2003. We have received pre-registration from Churchill and St. Ignatius High Schools. We have asked for names of contestants so that some of the necessary paper work with names spelled correctly, can be done before May 14. We do realize that last minute substitutions may have to be made due to illness or unforeseen circumstances. As we have stated before, we must have contestant numbers (at least) to be able to allocate our funds over lunch costs, awards and prizes. This requires lead time, WE WILL NOT ADMIT ANY CONTESTANTS WHO HAVE NOT PRE-REGISTERED BEFORE APRIL 4, 2003.

URGENT: E-MAIL YOUR REGISTRATIONS ON OR BEFORE APRIL 4, 2003 TO if you are not already on the list below.

Highschool Junior Team Senior Team
Churchill High School Yi Nan Dang
Mak Mok
Andrew Salkeld
Grace Kim
Adar Charlton
Graham Splawski
Ashish Dighe
Cory Twinney
Vaslinka Tsar
Graham Bell
Kevin Liu
David Eikelboom
St. Ignatius High School Kelly McGuire
Andrew Holm
Matthew Skube
Chanel Parent
David Carr
Kevin Jurcik
Adam Cousins
Robert Stilla
Paulina Wiercinska
Westgate High School Bill Hoogsteen Diane Meronyk
Cody Hemsworth
Connie Kadolph
Katie Calonego
Dana Hoogsteen
Shannon Hoogsteen
St. Patrick's High School Suzanne Chomcyz
Adrienne Payette
Allison Payette
Dillon Baratta
Katie Britton
Alexandra Luczak
Joe DelPaggio
Kylie Knudsen
Jamie Silverson
David Milks
Courtenay Randus
Kim Santerre
Fort William Collegiate Institute Chris McCallum
MacKinley Steinhoff
Jonathan Arnold
Joseph Bakker
Ryan Hancock
Jocelyne Lausman
Ryan Madahbee
Kelli Pinner

Alternate Sr. Team
Katrin Heiland
Carlos Mantilla
Catherine Hausch

Hammarskjold High School Carmen Fletcher
Travis Comeau
Joseph Proulx
Crystal Baker
Betheny Ellis
Lana Matson
Charlie Renner
Mark Reid
Zachary Medendorp
Zachary Henderson
Andrew Larsen
Sheri Skerget
Port Arthur Collegiate Institute Dylan Mahler
Nicole Westlund
Patrick Donio
Erin Dushnicky
Brianne Kirkpatrick
Olivia Schadel

Erin Chezick
Kassandra Maunula

Jeffrey Aho
Johann Rude
Dina Thompson
Jessica Rosengren
Chris Armstrong
Megan Terrill

Courtney Mahler

The Organizing Committee is planning an Awards Ceremony approximately 1 week after the Contest. Keep tuned to this website for date, time and place.

Community Support
To restrain the costs of the contest, the contest committee has been assured of the cooperation of both the Lakehead Public School Board, and the Lakehead Catholic District School Board, to provide both contestant transportation and released time for teachers to supervise and assist in the contest. Lakehead University will provide no-cost space for the contest. The Contest Committee is gratified to report that the direct costs have been covered by generous support from the corporate donors whose logos are displayed on this site. Thus the contest will be open to all, based on ability and the desire to participate only.

Further contributions, to add contest prizes, and to support the important pre-season activities described below will be welcomed, and will receive tax receipts from Lakehead University, together with appropriate notice on this site.

Donations should be sent to

The Secretary
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Lakehead University
Thunder Bay, ON
P7B 5E1

Please make cheque payable to Lakehead University, and designate it for the TD CANADA TRUST Thunder Bay High School Math Contest.

The Pre-Season
In direct line with the purpose of the contest to stimulate the interests of students in the applications of mathematics the Committee plans contest pre-season mathematical activity. Monthly sample problems will be posted on this site, and solutions will be submitted to the Committee through Thunder Bay High Schools before deadlines announced on this website.

Each month solutions will be posted to the previous month's problems and the Committee hopes that most of these will be provided by interested students, who will be credited for their efforts. The neatest solution of the month for both Junior and Senior sections will be chosen and highlighted.

Tutorial problem posting is planned for the end of September and further details together with solution deadlines are provided below.

If you submit solutions, the judges will assume you given your permission for your name and grade to be published on the web site if you are a prize winner, or if you are one of a number of people who correctly solve a problem.

The next set of problems, named 2-2003, is posted below. The due date for solutions is April 25, 2003. Solutions can be submitted through individual schools, or by other means, provided that 'other means' insure receipt by April 25 to:

Mathematical Sciences Secretary
Lakehead University
Thunder Bay, Ontario.
P7B 5E1

  • Problems: 2-2003 (Due April 25, 2003)

  • Problems: 1-2003 (Due March 7, 2003)

    Again, the prize for neatest solution goes to Jenny Liu, who turns in the best and most mathematically complete answers. Other solvers are submitting correct answers but the care they take in writing up does not match Jenny's.

    Congratulations again Jenny, and you will receive a cheque for $50.00

  • Problems: 2-2002 (Due Jan. 10, 2003)

    This prize for the "neatest solution" for Problems 2-2002 goes to Jenny Liu, a grade 8 student at Sir John A. Macdonald school. Jenny's winning solution is to problem 3 of set 2-2002, grade 9/10. Several people gave the correct answer, which is $99.98, but Jenny gave a METHOD for finding the answer and her method also shows that there is no other possible answer. Very neat!

    Congratulations Jenny, a cheque for $50 is going to you!

  • Problems: 1-2002

    The "neatest solution" prize for an individual problem in our first set is a $50.00 cheque to Nick Dang in Grade 10 at Sir Winston Churchill High School.

    Nick solved 12 of the 14 grade 9/10 problems correctly and his winning solution to problem 8 consists of the observation that if one adds 423135 to each bracketed expression, they are obviously equal. Hence the fraction has value 1. Congratulations Nick.

The problems Committee has decided not to post solutions to any of the other problems at this time in the hope that some people are still working and we believe that furnishing solutions will ruin the value of those problems.

Also, because our website posting of the first set of problems has revealed difficulties in getting clear diagrams and their labels, we are sending clear hard copy to all Math Heads. We will mail clear hard copies to others who request it by sending their names and addresses to the Math Secretary at the address above, or by doing the same by e-mail to the contest e-mail address

Teachers have suggested that problem solvers would like to get marker feedback on their solutions. We cannot promise always to do so, but if marker time permits we will try. To receive marker's comments, you must do the following.

  1. State at the top of your paper, along with your name, grade, and school, the words COMMENTS REQUESTED.
  2. Express your solutions with care, so that the marker can understand what you are saying.
  3. Write only on ONE SIDE of your papers, and leave space BETWEEN your solutions for comments.

Math Alumni/ae
As mentioned above, our region has produced many mathematically talented people who are now making real contributions to various professional fields. The Committee is in the process of contacting some of these alumni/ae to gain their moral support for the Contest. Our Alumni/ae should be graduates of Thunder Bay High Schools, and nominations for this distinguished list may be sent to

To see this month's (and past months') highlighted alumni/ae, please view our Alumni/ae page.

This contest has been supported, in part, by the following sponsors. We thank them for supporting this contest, and for encouraging mathematics in Thunder Bay.