ACBL - GL Account Balance Inquiry
[INPUT] - Enter Data
<ENTER> - Press the return or enter button

The ACBL is an inquiry screen that displays information about a general ledger account number in summary format, for the requested year. This information includes the allocated budget, actual expenses, encumbrances and requisitions that have been costed to that account. Thus displaying the available funds of the GL account.

In order to get to the inquiry:
Load up the Datatel system and log into the Colleague database (COLLIVE).
  1. Select GL - General Ledger
  2. Select ACBL - GL Account Balance Inquiry
 First Screen

[INPUT] GL account number

(This is the fifteen digit account number XX-XXXXXXXX-XXXXX, the number can be entered without the hyphens. *HINT* At the GL account lookup enter some portion of your department including the fund and the eight digits of the department XX-XXXXXXXX followed by "..." to obtain a full listing of your accounts.)

<ENTER> for the current fiscal

*NOTE* It is possible to press the [DETAIL] button to get more information on the Actuals, Encumbrances and Requisitions totals.

Press [SAVE] And <ENTER> to exit the ACBL screen