Virtual Reality Environment LUVRE

Last modified: October 26, 2018
The Lakehead University Virtual Reality Environment (LUVRE) is located in ATAC 5040, and contains imaging technology for instruction and research.
Thunder Bay
Available To: 
Students, Faculty, Staff
  • AT5040
Service Expectations: 
  • By Appointment.
Full Information: 

The LUVRE System utilizes:

● 3 overhead BARCO DLP Stereoscopic projectors

● HP z800 Visualization workstation with NVidia QuadroPlex 2200 D2 VCS (provided by SHARCNET). Runs both Windows and Linux operating systems.

● Support for both Microsoft Windows and Linux software applications

● An 8ft x 31ft, 150 degree curved laser calibrated screen

● 48 pair of wireless, stereoscopic LCD shutter glasses used for Stereo 3D viewing

● Surround sound audio system

● 3D navigation mouse and a collection of wireless peripherals

● Two 3D equipped development and testing workstations where models and presentations can be created and tested prior to moving to the big screen.

● A collection of scientific visualization and animation software (eg. VMD, Arc/GIS, Poser, Blender, Stereoscopic player, StereoPhotoMaker, etc.)