The Post and Other Information

What is The Post?

The PostThe Post: Lakehead University’s Undergraduate Research Journal is an interdisciplinary, open access, research journal that is both for and by the students of Lakehead. There are two primary goals of this publication.  The first goal of The Post is to give every student an equal opportunity to submit their research/ideas/essays/etc. to a peer reviewed panel for potential publish.  The emphasis will be put on encouraging students to pursue their academic extracurricular research through a partnership with the LUSU club “Digging Deeper: Lakehead University's Student Research Club” however articles that originated as in-course academic assignments will be accepted as well. The second goal of The Post is to encourage cross disciplinary discussion and topic comprehension.  Too often in university students find themselves unable to learn about the topics that interest them outside of their chosen major.  Not only will The Post open up the boundaries between topics for discussion but it will also allow students to learn new information from other subjects in an accessible way.


How does the peer review process work?

The peer review process for The Post is a double-blind process, meaning that neither the students who submit their papers, nor the students who read their papers know who each other are. Students submit papers to .  These papers are received by the Editor-in-Chief and all of the names, possible identifiers, course codes, etc. are removed and replaced by a number which corresponds with the student who sent the essay in.  Once the paper is anonymous it is sent out to the members of the editorial panel for the first survey.  After the panel has had adequate time to take a look at the submission a meeting is called and the paper is discussed at length.  The panel is sent back with the paper one more time to make sure they did not miss anything before reconvening a second time to discuss changes. Once all the changes have been discussed the Editor-in-Chief assures that all the suggestions/edits/changes are collected onto one copy of the submission, that all authors have been removed from the paper again, and drafts an email explaining and discussing the need for the changes and any other constructive criticism that the editorial panel thought was necessary, before sending the paper back to the student who submitted it.

 For more information on The Post please contact Dr. Scott Pound or Dr. Tony Puddephatt

What is "Digging Deeper: Lakehead University's Research Club"?

Digging Deeper is Lakehead's research club that promotes research amongst students. The club promotes extra curricular research as well as holds events pertaining to the scholarly process. The club is also the venue for the publication and creation of The Post as members of the club are the ones who do the bulk of the editing for the peer review process. 
  • The Digging Deeper Club is currently inactive. If you are interested in undergraduate research training opportunities please contact Dr. Lexi Haselhurst at