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 Bill Maloney

Bill Maloney
Director, Industry Research Partnerships 

FB 2004A

(807) 343-8010 ext.8793

University-industry research partnerships, collaborative relationship building between researchers, industry partners and funding agencies, industry inquiries, assistance with funding applications, development and maintenance of relevant networks. Economic development initiatives.


Ellen MacKay - headshot 2021

Ellen MacKay
Director, Innovation Development

FB 2004D

(807) 343-8010 ext.8724

Intellectual Property Management; research award/contract negotiation and finalization, including negotiation of research agreements with industry, funding agencies and partners; material transfer, non-disclosure and intellectual property agreements; intellectual property protection (patent/copyright/trademark), commercialization and funding; licensing, spin-off company creation and commercial research proposal support; marketing support

Alyson MacKay

Alyson MacKay

Manager, Ingenuity


FB 2004C

807-343-8010 ext.8324

Support with developing your startup business, resources available for business startup and development, events and workshops in Ingenuity, accessing the makerspace or media room in Ingenuity, developing entrepreneurial programming, delivering workshops focused on small business development.


Kelly Fettes
Administrative Officer

FB 2004

(807) 343-8010 ext.8871

Administrative management of all IPED activities; general office inquiries; how to get in touch with the Director, Industry Research Partnerships, or Director, Innovation Development; communicating IPED successes; supporting Lakehead’s commitment to Economic Development; planning and organizing Economic Development events; executing educational sessions, networking events, and other outreach initiatives.