SSHRC Research Facilitator

Research Facilitation

One hallmark of any expanding Office of Research Services is the presence of Research Facilitators. The job of Research Facilitators is to:

1)  EDUCATE: mentor and train researchers on using specific strategies and information that help develop winning funding proposals from foundations, industry, and government granting bodies;

2)  COMMUNICATE: coordinate activities that bridge knowledge gained from research projects to the community, otherwise known as knowledge mobilization.

3)  CONSULT: review, analyze and provide recommendations on grant applications. This includes an examination of the feasibility, challenge and capability of the research project

4)  LIAISE: represent the university and its researchers at community events and consortiums and draw important connections between research possibilities and practical  concerns of the community

Uncover new knowledge. If you are a researcher, learn about specific benefits that can support your research plan.

Become a partner. Learn more about the benefits to working with Research Facilitators and Researchers at Lakehead University and share an idea for research.


Summary from SSHRC Leader's December 2013 Annual Meeting