Training Grant : Clinical Trials Training Platforms

How to Apply: 

The specific objectives of this funding opportunity are to:

  • Develop structured, openly accessible, and sustainable training and mentoring platforms that build capacity in the design, delivery, and analysis of clinical trials by:
    • supporting the engagement of trainees, researchers, healthcare professionals and clinical research professionals in collaborative clinical trial training and mentoring opportunities across institutions, disciplines, jurisdictions and sectors;
    • incorporating diverse training approaches, including experiential training opportunities;
    • including diverse and inclusive approaches to training and mentoring (e.g., Indigenous Ways of Knowing) in a meaningful and culturally-safe manner; and
    • implementing recruitment, training, and mentoring strategies to attract high-caliber trainees, researchers, healthcare professionals and clinical research professionals, including embedding and applying Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) best practices.
  • Support the development of skills that increase the likelihood of employability and career prospects of trainees, researchers, healthcare professionals and clinical research professionals across sectors, by integrating training on:
    • approaches to advance rigorous and responsible research (e.g., product development from discovery to commercialization; best practices in clinical trial design, recruitment, conduct and reporting; sex- and gender-based analysis plus [SGBA+]; research data management, research involving Indigenous Peoples, ethics, unconscious bias, life cycle/life stage approaches to clinical trials);
    • grant/proposal writing, budgeting, and peer review;
    • Professional development skills (including transferrable skills, such as communication, analytical thinking, problem solving, project management, leadership, etc.);
    • best practices in knowledge translation and implementation science; and
    • diverse career options and opportunities available across the different sectors (private/for profit, public and not-for-profit).
  • Support and contribute, where possible and relevant, to research funded through the Projects component (offered through separate funding opportunities) of the CTF and participate in the Pan-Canadian Clinical Trials Consortium once it is established.
External Deadline: 
Tuesday, May 31, 2022
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