DoD Peer Reviewed Cancer Research Program Funding Opportunities - August Deadline

How to Apply: 

The FY22 Defense Appropriations Act provides funding for the Peer Reviewed Cancer Research Program (PRCRP) to support innovative, high-impact cancer research.  The managing agent for the anticipated program announcements/funding opportunities is the CDMRP at the U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command (USAMRDC).


The FY22 PRCRP funding opportunity announcements for the following award mechanisms will be posted on the website. 


Congressionally Directed Topic Areas:  The FY22 PRCRP appropriation will provide funds for research into cancers not addressed in the other CDMRP cancer programs (  To be considered for funding, applications for the FY22 PRCRP must address at least one of the FY22 PRCRP Topic Areas as directed by Congress.  Research applications in the areas of breast, kidney, lung, prostate, pancreatic, ovarian, and rare cancer or melanoma are prohibited and will not be accepted.  The inclusion of the individual rare cancer research program shall not prohibit the PRCRP from funding the below-mentioned cancers or cancer subtypes that may be rare by definition.


The FY22 PRCRP Topic Areas are:

  • ·       Bladder cancer
  • ·       Blood cancers
  • ·       Brain cancer
  • ·       Colorectal cancer
  • ·       Endometrial cancer
  • ·       Esophageal cancer
  • ·       Germ cell cancers
  • ·       Head and Neck Cancer
  • ·       Liver cancer
  • ·       Lymphoma
  • ·       Mesothelioma
  • ·       Metastatic cancer
  • ·       Myeloma
  • ·       Neuroblastoma
    • ·     Pediatric, adolescent, and young adult cancers (PAYAC)
    • ·     Pediatric brain tumors
    • ·     Sarcoma
    • ·     Stomach cancer
    • ·     Thyroid cancer
      • ·     Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome malignancies (excluding cancers of the kidney and pancreas)

The FY22 PRCRP Military Health Focus Areas are listed below:

It is central to the vision and mission of the PRCRP that applications address how the proposed research is related to military health, mission readiness, and the cancer health needs of both deployed and non-deployed military personnel, their dependents, Veterans, and other military beneficiaries (i.e., family members of retirees).  The FY22 PRCRP requires all applications to answer at least one of the following Military Health Focus Areas:

  • Environmental/exposure risk factors associated with cancer
  • ·        Gaps in cancer research that may affect mission readiness:

○       Gaps in cancer prevention, early detection/diagnosis, prognosis, and/or treatment that may affect the general population but have a particularly profound impact on the health and well-being of military Service Members, Veterans, and their beneficiaries

○       Gaps in quality of life and/or survivorship that may affect the general population but have a particularly profound impact on the health and well-being of military Service Members, Veterans, and their beneficiaries


FY22 PRCRP Overarching Challenges

The PRCRP has developed a strategy to address multiple issues in cancer research over the spectrum of different cancer topics considered for funding.  These Overarching Challenges are critical gaps in cancer research, care, and/or patient outcomes that, if addressed, will advance the mission readiness of U.S. military members affected by cancer and will improve quality of life by decreasing the burden of cancer on Service Members, their families, Veterans, and the American public.  To reference the PRCRP Overarching Challenges, see


Press Release: 2022 Peer Reviewed Cancer Research Program, Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (


Convergent Science Cancer Consortium Development Award – Letter of Intent due August 17, 2022

PI for Coordinating Center (Consortium Director): Investigators at or above the level of Associate Professor (or equivalent); must have a proven record of accomplishment of leading and scientific ability to direct and oversee a multi[1]institutional research effort. Co-PI for the Research Site: Investigators at or above the level of Assistant Professor (or equivalent); must have a proven record of accomplishment of collaboration

Letter of Intent is required. An invitation to submit a full application is not required.

• Supports novel approaches to ending cancer through convergent science research.

• Emphasis is on the development of a convergent science infrastructure – Coordinating Center.

• Proof of principle (convergent science) research projects support.

• Must address at least one of the FY22 PRCRP Military Health Focus Areas.

• Must address at least three different FY22 PRCRP Topic Areas.

• Must address at one of the FY22 PRCRP Overarching Challenges.

• Clinical trials are not allowed.

  • ·        The maximum allowable funding for the entire period of performance is $2,500,000 for direct costs.

• Indirect costs may be proposed in accordance with the institution’s negotiated rate agreement.

• The maximum period of performance is 4 years.


A pre-application is required and must be submitted through the electronic Biomedical Research Application Portal (eBRAP) at prior to the pre-application deadline.  All applications must conform to the final funding opportunity announcements that will be available for downloading from the website.  The application package containing the required forms for each award mechanism can be found on  A listing of all CDMRP and other USAMRDC extramural funding opportunities can be obtained on the website by performing a basic search using CFDA Number 12.420. 


For email notification when announcements are released, subscribe to program-specific news and updates under “Email Subscriptions” on the eBRAP homepage at  For more information about the PRCRP or other CDMRP-administered programs, please visit the CDMRP website (


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Wednesday, August 17, 2022
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