Other : Network Grants in Oral Health and Bone Health

How to Apply: 

This funding opportunity will provide support for the creation of two networks: one in the priority area of Oral Health and one in the priority area of Bone Health. The aim of these networks will be to provide research leadership, foster innovative research and practices, build capacity and provide a forum that engages the research community and its partners (including but not limited to industry, charities, and patients and their careers). The networks are expected to serve as a resource for collaborating, capacity building, and knowledge mobilization.

While the distinct research communities in Canada served by this funding opportunity are each fairly large, an organized approach will enable each community to build capacity, share resources, and seek out international collaboration in a productive and beneficial way. Each network will bring diverse researchers together and enable work in this field to progress more efficiently. The success of each network will be defined by the ability of each community to build capacity and to further research through the sharing of resources and developing national and international collaborations.

External Deadline: 
Tuesday, February 22, 2022
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