2021 Intramural Research Grant Program Competition

How to Apply: 

Canadian Blood Services is pleased to announce its 2021 Intramural Research Grant Program Competition. The objective of the Intramural Research Grant Program is to support collaborative research projects that will generate knowledge and lead to new discoveries that will improve the safety and efficacy of blood products and the blood system in general.  

Applications are welcomed from project teams led by an investigator affiliated with a Canadian academic program as a faculty member. Project teams must be composed of at least two investigators (including the Principal Investigator) and at least one of the investigators must be affiliated with Canadian Blood Services as a scientist, medical officer/director/consultant, or adjunct scientist.

For detailed information about the Intramural Research Grant Program competition, please refer to blood.ca.

The deadline to submit a Registration Form is February 26 2021. Full applications are due April 23 2021.

External Deadline: 
Friday, February 26, 2021
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