Operating Grant : HIV/AIDS and STBBI Community-Based Research

How to Apply: 

he objectives of the grant are:

  • To promote the creation of new knowledge that is relevant to communities affected by HIV and other STBBI in Canada;
  • To promote the dissemination of new knowledge and uptake of evidence into action to enhance the community response to the HIV epidemic and other STBBI;
  • To develop partnerships between researchers and affected communities;
  • To build capacity in the knowledge user community to engage in research and use evidence in their everyday business;
  • To build the next generation of HIV/AIDS and other STBBI CBR researchers through meaningful engagement of trainees in high quality CBR projects; and
  • To reduce the incidence of new HIV infections and/or other STBBI in high-risk groups by focusing research on prevention efforts.

For examples, applicants can visit CIHR's Funding Decisions web site to search for projects previously funded under a CIHR HIV/AIDS and STBBI CBR Operating Grant competition.

External Deadline: 
Tuesday, April 27, 2021
Funding Source: 
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