Indigenous Community-Based Climate Monitoring Program


Who can apply?

  • Band councils
  • Tribal councils and associations
  • Governments of self-governing First Nation communities

Applicants can work with external partners such as:

  • other Indigenous communities
  • federal, provincial, territorial or regional governments
  • non-governmental organizations
  • academic institutions
  • professional service providers
How to Apply: 

This program provides funding to support Indigenous peoples in the design, implementation, or expansion of long-term community-based climate monitoring projects. Specifically, the program supports community-led projects to monitor climate and the environmental effects of climate change on communities and traditional territories. The program also facilitates access to tools and best practices, enhances collaboration and coordination among initiatives, and supports Indigenous participation in program oversight.

Examples of eligible activities for funding include:

  • community engagement
  • developing a monitoring plan
  • hiring and training of community members to work on the project
  • rental or purchase of monitoring equipment
  • monitoring key climate indicators
  • assessing and managing Indigenous Knowledge and science-based data
  • communicating climate monitoring results
  • networking

The information gathered through community-based climate monitoring initiatives can be used to inform Indigenous community adaptation actions and address climate data gaps.

These initiatives also provide local skill development and employment opportunities for youth and others and promote knowledge transfer between generations.

External Deadline: 
Friday, October 23, 2020
Funding Source: 
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