Legacy Place Foundation - Program Evaluation Research

How to Apply: 
CIMVHR encourages researchers from relevant fields to submit project proposals to compete for access to funding that will support the Legacy Place Society’s need to better determine the causality of use and effects of their services.
This opportunity is possible through the support of The Legacy Place Society and the Veteran and Family Well-Being Fund. Legacy Place Society (Legacy Place) was founded in 1997 to provide confidential and safe transitional housing/residence to first responders and military personnel (individually or as a family) for their well-being, security and access to professional support, so that they can recover quickly from a broad range of serious difficulties. Legacy Place works in partnership with Veteran’s Affairs Canada to support the well-being of veterans and their families, and to promote recognition and remembrance of the achievements and sacrifices of those who served Canada.
Since inception Legacy Place has developed, and safely and successfully operated four multi-accommodation transitional residences for over a decade, located in Calgary, Edmonton, & Red Deer. Legacy Place provides a safe, clean, substance free, and discreet living space that meets the transitory needs of veterans who are trying to improve their lives or deal with an emerging crisis.
In 2018 alone, Legacy Place’s operations resulted in providing 44 veterans 1,637 nights of housing. During their stay, they were supported with referrals to relevant professional services and trained peer support. Over 150 veterans have stayed with Legacy Place. Legacy Place services are frequently provided to veterans in crisis, and/or during their transitions into civilian life.
To determine the current causation of military veterans & families need for and use of transitory housing in Alberta. Through knowledge, understanding and partnerships have a positive impact on the variables causing the need for and use of transitory housing by military veterans & families. Use the research and insight gained to improve programs, support, activities and inform public policy. The goals of this initiative are to gather and analyze:
1. Information from military veterans and families who are previous and current users of Legacy Place residences for the purposes of understanding the root causes of the use of transitory housing.
2. Information about other relevant variables that result in the use of Legacy Place residences by military veterans and families.
3. Information about the outcomes of military veterans and families who used Legacy Place residences aimed at providing recommendations for Legacy Place for improvement in its support to military veterans and families.
The project will consist of collecting information from military veterans that have used or are using Legacy Place housing and the causation of its use. Additionally, the scope of the research may include, but is not limited to an environmental scan of other existing housing and related supports for veterans in Alberta, and how they are or are not, being accessed.
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Tuesday, May 19, 2020
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