Science for Peace and Security (SPS): Open Call for Proposals

How to Apply: 

This Call for Proposals is soliciting applications for collaborative projects, workshops or training courses in the area of security-related civil science, technology, innovation, and beyond. The SPS Programme provides support and expert advice for security-relevant activities in the form of four established grant mechanisms: Multi-Year Projects (MYP), Advanced Research Workshops (ARW), Advanced Training Courses (ATC), and Advanced Study Institutes (ASI). Interested applicants should develop proposals for activities that fit within one of these formats. Details on where to find application instructions and templates can be found below in the section “Programme requirements”. Participation in the SPS Programme enables experts and scientists to develop innovative solutions to today’s security challenges, and to build partnerships with their peers in NATO and partner nations. Applications are to be jointly prepared by scientists or experts from at least one NATO and one partner nation, and be linked to NATO’s Strategic Objectives. Proposals shall specifically respond to one or more of the SPS Key Priorities as detailed in the next section. Note: SPS supports projects in the field of security-related civilian science and/or related to dual-use applications. Proposals that have pure military objectives should be addressed to different programmes, in particular the NATO Science and Technology Organization (STO) Collaboration Support Office (CSO).

External Deadline: 
Monday, June 1, 2020
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