Operating Grant : Health System Impact Fellowship - National Cohort Retreat


The Awarded Team must reflect diversity of experiences that help achieving a more equitable diverse and inclusive Canadian research enterprise. Please see CIHR’s Equity Strategy.

For an application to be eligible:

  1. The Nominated Principal Applicant (NPA) must be an independent researcher that is or was directly involved in the HSI Fellowship program*.
  2. The NPA must be appointed at an eligible institution (see the CIHR Application Administration Guide – Part 4).
  3. At least one other Principal Applicant (co-leader) must be a knowledge user that is or was directly involved in the HSI Fellowship program.
  4. At least one Co-Applicant, other than those listed above, must be one of the following and must be or have been directly involved in the HSI Fellowship program*:
    1. trainee
    2. A HSI Fellow alumnus that is currently an independent researcher or knowledge user
  5. The application must demonstrate both:
    1. The involvement of individuals from the Canadian Health Services and Policy Research Alliance and/or its Training Modernization Working Group.
    2. The involvement of current and former HSI Fellows (see fellow profiles from the 20172018 and 2019 cohorts) and supervisors.

*Direct involvement in the HSI Fellowship program can be via participation as: a current or former HSI Fellow or supervisor or Training Modernization Start-Up Grant recipient, a member of the Training Modernization Working Group, or a member of the Canadian Health Services and Policy Research Alliance (CHSPRA), which spearheaded the pan-Canadian Training Modernization Strategy for Health Services and Policy Research.

How to Apply: 

The specific objectives of this funding opportunity are to:

  • Fund a host (or consortium of hosts) to develop, implement and evaluate an annual NCTP for the HSI Fellowship program in 2021-2022 and 2022-2023, that harnesses the use of virtual technology where necessary in response to the COVID-19 context, to achieve the original three core NCR objectives:
    • Support HSI Fellows and their health system and academic supervisors to embark on successful, rewarding and impactful embedded fellowships.
    • Foster interaction, exchange, and opportunities for collaboration among the fellows, the health system supervisors, and the academic supervisors from across the cohorts.
    • Provide fellows and supervisors with training and learning opportunities in the enriched core competencies.
  • Facilitate a high-quality learning environment that offers participants from across HSI Fellowship cohorts the opportunity to connect, learn, and collaborate to advance Canada’s progress towards a learning health system that harnesses the full talents of PhD-trained individuals for continuous health system improvement.
  • Catalyze the development of open-access training content and materials focused on the enriched core competencies for health services and policy research that can be adapted and integrated into curricula for trainees at IHSPR and related doctoral training programs.
External Deadline: 
Tuesday, March 9, 2021
Funding Source: 
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