Ground-Breaking Research or Pilot Projects Focused on Long-Term Health Effects for Seriously Disabled Veterans Living with Amputation

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Ground-breaking research or pilot projects focused on long-term health effects for seriously disabled Veterans living with amputation


The War Amps Canada CIMVHR Research Grants partnership invites researchers from relevant fields to submit project proposals in competition for funding to accelerate research projects or pilot projects focused on greatly improving the care and/or quality of life for all people living with service-related amputations. Specifically, this call focusses on the impact or interaction of non-pensioned conditions on the well-being and care needs of Veterans with the pensioned condition of amputation, and their family members. Non-pensioned health conditions often stem from service-related conditions (i.e. such as amputation) but are otherwise not recognized or compensated through their VAC Disability Pension and benefits program. Examples of non-pensioned conditions flowing from amputation include cardiac, cancer, diabetic and osteoarthritic conditions. This project can lead to better compensation and/or benefit for Veterans with a pensioned condition of amputation. CIMVHR and The War Amps will work together to brief the successful applicant to understand the Canadian Veteran programs and pension legislation that form the context of this task.

Full Application Deadline: June 21, 2024 at 11:59 PM (EST)

Proposals must be led by at least one Principal Investigator who is an academic researcher affiliated with a Canadian CIMVHR Member University. Proposals from international affiliates can be considered if done in collaboration with a Canadian CIMVHR Member University.

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Friday, June 21, 2024
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