Research Finance and COVID-19

Update from Research Accounting


Research Accounting is transitioning to the on-site services model. My team and I will be available via email and zoom if you require assistance.

To facilitate the on-site service model, changes in processes will be:

1.       All documentation and request for services are to be submitted electronically by email.

2.       All paperwork would be submitted electronically which includes:

a.       Departmental charges and transfers between LU accounts

b.       Requests for external invoices

c.       Supplier invoices

d.       Travel expense claims (non-employees)

e.       Employee travel as usual through Concur.

3.       All forms can be found on the LU Website in the forms database.

4.       All paperwork should be accompanied by the appropriate supporting documentation in electronic form.  The original documents should be retained for audit purposes.

5.       Approved Cheque Requisition packages with the appropriate supporting documentation can be emailed directly to

6.       Approval authority – OFS will accept electronic approvals using either:

a.       Secure approval in a pdf format ie. Adobe Digital Signature or signed with a blue pen and sent from a personal LU email account- not a generic one ie.

b.       Written approval from the approver’s LU email account.

If you cancelled travel and:

1.       You received a cash reimbursement or a travel voucher, please contact us and we will work with you on the process to record it.

2.       You have costs related to the cancellation – You can submit these costs for reimbursement through Concur with the appropriate supporting documentation.


To facilitate your research activity, we encourage researchers to use their purchasing card for eligible expenditures.  If you need an increase in your monthly limit, please contact Dianne at

At this time, we encourage you to work towards the posted research year-end deadlines.

Our office will communicate if sponsors extend their reporting deadlines.


If you have questions or concerns, please contact Margot Ross at

Margot Ross
Manager - Research & Trust  Accounting
Lakehead University